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Popular Superstitions in Bangladesh

Popular Superstitions in Bangladesh


There are many popular superstitions in Bangladesh. Those superstitions are one kind of belief by the people of Bangladesh. They believe that if those sign occurs something would surely happen. Though there are some funny things, but those are fully believed by the people. They believe it, because those superstitions were found from their inheritance.

Let’s see some sample of those superstitions…

  1. The newly born child should be shifted from one house to another house by its maternal uncle. Rather it might cause any danger. If its maternal uncle does this then here would be no problem.
  2. You should spend the first day of New Year very well. Otherwise your all days of whole years would be bad. Here it indicates that wearing good cloths, eating good food something like that.
  3. If your pet cat keep cleaning its legs or body by its tongue that means guests would come to your home. If the people see that sign they think guests would come to their house.
  4. If your feel uneasy in your right hand, it indicates that you would get money.
  5. If you overtake any weird shadow on lunch time that means you might be possessed by ghost or might be harmed by them.
  6. If you bath after eating it is the sigh of something bad. They think it’s not good for health also.
  7. If something fall from your hand that means you are in danger zone. Probably any danger might come to you.
  8. If you choke in the time of eating, somebody is criticizing or telling something bad about you.
  9. You should avoid from black animal at night, rather you could be possessed by ghost or harmed by them.
  10. If you give money to someone at night, it might cause you stigmata or bring you bad luck.
  11. If someone is discussing about you and you reached there on that time that means you would live a long life.
  12. If any crow or unknown birds shouts near your home frequently that means you have some bad luck or news waiting for you.
  13. If your dog shouts unusually based on your house that means you might have some bad news or something negative.
  14. If you see your face with broken pieces of looking glass it would bring bad luck for you.
  15. If you see a bad and dangerous dream that means you might fall in difficulty.
  16. If your right eye blinks then you would hear good news and if your left eye blinks you might hear bad news.
  17. If you go ahead from your partners in the way then you have might be eaten by tiger and if you stay behind you might be awarded by money.
  18. If your cloth need to be repair it should not be done while you wearing it.
  19. If any fruit from your tree has been stolen. Then you might not get any more satisfied fruit from that tree.
  20. You should not play bamboo at night; angel might come to you and possessed you.  

Those were some popular superstitions from Bangladesh.

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