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Learn How to Break the Décor’s Routine

Learn How to Break the Décor’s Routine


Many people want to make changes over the place to give a sense of renewing and positive energy, but they may feel bored quickly because of the changing of the furniture pieces, or accessories’ shapes without getting a bigger view at the whole decoration. Here are some ideas to help you give a sense of renewing to the rooms in your home:

  • Patching and Mixing: Go for the patching that means using more than one piece of color, cloth, material or piece of furniture that can be a single one in the seating area and it can be mixed with other similar items in the accessories, pillows and carpets and it is preferred to use a neutral color like white.
  • Say YES to the random: Spread the accessories in a non-traditional way or spread some pillows without arrangement over the floor or the sofa or put some napkins over the sofas or tables.
    -Get rid of putting a row of similar pictures at the same level.
    -Merge some small frameworks in the same space to look like a large framework.
    -Put empty frameworks over a colored wall.
    -Go for the inclined pictures, as it belongs to the abstract art, to ensure that it don’t lose its meaning with this inclining.
  • Go for the shining: Give your room some shining senses, especially of your furniture is dark-colored or one-colored as this trick is similar to penetrating light over darkness. Try to concentrate using pillows that contain shining crystals or brighten curtains in a quiet room or silver and gold at the same time.
  • Say NO for the décor schools: it is good to have different styles in the same house, although this method is not easy at all; as the harmony is the main principle of this game, or the space will look like a reception hall of opposite items. This step needs the experience of an interior designer.
  • Unbreakable rules that you should remember:
    -Your eyes are the judge, so what it refuses even if it was valuable will look the same in the other’s eyes.
    -the over statement loses the space its beauty and don’t use too much accessories or too much colors in the same room.
    -Take into consideration the space and the arrangement of the items including the furniture, accessories as the large furniture in a small room will not be a good choice similar to huge accessories over a narrow space.
    -Don’t copy the others, but know your taste and determine it before you design or renew your home and know that things may be attractive only when we see it but we can’t live with it.



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