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Tips For Strong Nails

Tips For Strong Nails


The weak nails or brittle nails are the most important problems that facing a woman, so we offer for you seven Important Tips for strong nails:

Do you gnaw your nails: nail biting not only distorts the appearance, but also it causes weakness nails from the roots.

– To overcome this habit “gnaw your nails “ try to chew a gum, because that will help you to forget biting your nails.

– Don’t forget to protect your nails: you can use any nail polish you like to provide protection and it protects the nails from breakage, you can put nail polish before going to sleep to protect the nails more.

– Attend the Nail Files with you anywhere you go: because it helps to strengthen nails also it gives nails attractive format

– Be careful of long nails too: if you leave the nail without cut that means you’ll help the dead skin to grow which surrounds the nail, and it makes the nail prone to break, and they look unattractive at all. The best time to remove dead skin is after shower, where the skin is soft and can be dealt with by cutting.

– Leave your nails absorb cream: nails and skin that surrounds they need to feed on a daily basis like the rest of the body, moisturizers on the entire nail, and then wear a rubber glove, or sock for a period of time to fully absorb the nail for this cream so more power to them.

– The gloves: wear rubber gloves while doing chores of washing dishes, or cleaning tasks …Because cleaning products, and dust damage nails.

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