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Tunisia City Travel Guide – Best Places to Visit in Tunis City

Tunisia City Travel Guide - Best Places to Visit in Tunis City

Tunisia is one of the destinations that will quite certainly catch your eye, but one more reason why you need to visit is because low price. You can buy a lot of souvenirs and eat good delicious food for cheap price.

Tunisia is a North African country, located on the Mediterranean coast. It is bordered with country Libya to the south and east, and with Algeria in the west. Even 40 percent of the territory is covering by the Sahara Desert. Tunisia is known as a paradise for all kind of tourists, because the season lasts all year. What attracts tourists is the perfect combination of great sandy beach and crystal clear blue sea. Tunisia is a great destination for people who love the sea, and who like to engage in other water sports like surfing, diving or sailing. Tunisia is a favorite among tourists who like hiking, horseback riding, tennis or golf.

Hammamet: is known for its shop in which you can find souvenirs at very reasonable prices. Things are cheap, and if you know well to negotiate, you can very well to get through. Hammamet has many good restaurants and bars, so you can try to taste of African cuisine. The nightlife is very lively and popular among the younger generations.

If you want to know better the greatest culture and biggest history of Tunisia then you can visit for a tour of the museum in the capital, Tunis. It is famous Bardo National Museum, where you can see the greatest history and big culture of Tunisia. We recommend to visit the Medina -Tunis, one of the oldest city part. It was built in the 12 -th century, and is ideal place where you can feel the true history of this country.

The place that you definitely need to visit in the vicinity of the city of Tunis is a picturesque white-blue little town of Sidi Bou Said, inspiration to many artists, and Carthage, significant for its rich history and wars. Many tourists visit Djerba, because there are plenty of museums, crazy nightlife, and is also known for its hospitality. Cities that have to be visited during her visit to the synagogue of El Ghriba synagogue and Guelaa Museum, where there is a nice collection of local pottery and a round tower, which is the perfect spot for watching the sunset. If you love wildlife, visit Djerba Explore. It is a park where you can see many species of wildlife and birds.

There is no holiday in Tunisia cannot be complete if you do not visit the city of Sousse. The old heart of the city, Medina makes Ribat fortress with the most popular mosques throughout Tunisia. For those looking for adventure, we recommend a two-day trip to the Sahara Desert. The trip includes a visit to a rule El Jem where the best preserved and one of the largest Roman amphitheatres dating from the 3rd century , then visit Matmata , known as the ” Moon Land” where you can see a typical  house , then place Unq al Jamal, where filmed the movie ” Star Wars.” Desert Oasis, riding on camels, all will let you get close charms true Sahara.

In recent years, Tunisia is becoming increasingly popular place to rest, as seen by the growing number of new, richly decorated hotel. Considering the low price and good service, it is certainly worth to go here on vacation.

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