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Visiting The Red Carpet in Kan City – Travel to Cannes City

Visiting The Red Carpet in Kan City - Travel to Cannes City

Thanks to the most famous European film festival, which takes place in May, Cannes is a popular and glamorous tourist attraction throughout the year.

Considering that since 1946, annually gathers a huge number of celebrities, mainly from the world of film, Kan eventually, became the most glamorous and most expensive city on the French coast.

Like other cities in the surrounding area, Kan has experienced a boom in the 19th century when the Cote d’Azur began to arrive the first tourists, members of the upper classes from the UK, followed by the subsequent German tourists.

Over time, they began to sprout magnificent villas cottages-rich, and today they are a tourist attraction. In the early 20th century were built luxury hotels such as the Miramar and Martinez, and after the First World War, in addition to British and German tourists started coming and Americans.

The idea to establish a film festival existed before World War II, but was realized only in 1946, and since then Kan cherishes tradition of glamor.



Croissette: is the most famous street in Cannes, the boulevard by the sea, just above the main beach. The boulevard Croissette are located most expensive hotels and shops, a view that stretches from that part of the city is impressive. On the west repent of boulevard there is a marina where boat taking the most expensive yachts in the world.

The old town is centered around the oldest neighborhood Suquet, which consists of narrow, winding and steep streets, covered with cobblestones. Walking through the streets scattered local restaurants, and on top of the hill is the clock tower and church, offering a view of the city and bay. Below, in the bottom of the hill, is located at the famous market Marché Forville.

Marché Forville is a large covered market that has absolutely the best choice of food in the city. At the stalls you can buy fruits and vegetables of all kinds, and fresh, just caught a fish and seafood. The market is open every day from morning to afternoon and Monday at the same place held a flea market. Marché Forville is located in the eponymous street, a short walk north of the marina, next to the oldest neighborhood le Suquet.

Palais des Festivals is home to the Cannes Film Festival, a large conference hall was built in 1982 on the site of the casino. This is a huge complex of buildings, which was last expanded in the early 1990s, with three of the amphitheater, 11 meeting rooms and two exhibition halls. The palace is equipped with the most modern sound and lighting systems, and is located at the beginning of the boulevard Croissette, between the marina, markets, and the old neighborhood Le Suquet.

The beaches are the main private and input can cost up to € 30, but as the price includes a deck chair and umbrella. Public beaches are free, but they are further away from the center, and on them is often scrimmage, and those without a lot of crowds are located quite far from the center. The crowd is usually lowest at two nearby small islands, Île Sainte-Marguerite and Île Saint-Honorat.

Îles de Lérins are two islands right across from the city’s waterfront. The large island, Île Sainte-Marguerite, there is a finding, as well as shops, bars and restaurants, and in principle is easy to find a quiet rocky cove where one can isolate under palm trees. The smaller island of the Île Saint-Honorat, there are a lot of ruins of fort, as well as the monastery where you can buy the monastery wine. Return ticket ferry to one or the other of the island costs about € 10, and ships traffic all day.

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