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What You Should Know About Window Glass Repairs

Glass Repairs


For a 12 square inch pane of glass, a professional window glass repairs will cost between $50 and $100.

It’s lovely to get a new window, but it’s pointless if you have shattered piece of glass in one frame. Thus, the typical cost of installing a two-pane window is roughly $300.


So, if you want to opt for glass repairs, you need to know if it is cost-effective or not. It is because, sometimes, glass replacement is much better. So, it will be best to consult a professional to analyze the situation.


Do not attempt to glass repairs without first practicing the procedure. You risk cutting yourself or damaging the window glass and frame. Alternatively, you could contact a local window glass replacement company.


Costs of Replacing Window Glass at Home


Repairing different window designs necessitates different abilities. If your windows are insulated or double-paned, you should take them to glass repairs business. Thus, the professional will properly measure the width and size of the glass pane properly. Also, they can also help you get in touch with the producer to reorder unique items.


Repairing a Broken Glass Window Consists of The Following Steps:


#1. Window Glass that is damaged: Handling broken glass fragments and splinters requires wearing goggles and strong gloves. Remove the glass pieces from the window putty with care, and make sure you use gloves while doing so.

If the pieces are stuck, use a heat gun to soften the glazing compound around the glass. After removing the glass pieces, gently tap the edges of the frame with a hammer. Then, remove any leftover glass dust with a wire brush.


Loosen the caulking with the heat gun and remove the old putty around the window. Then scrape the putty off the frame using a painter’s chisel. To pry the glazier’s points loose, flip the chisel over. Hence, the window is now ready for the new glass.


#2. Apply Oil to the Window Frame: Secondly, remove any residual putty from the interiors of the frame with sandpaper, then wipe with a towel. Then, apply a thick layer of linseed oil to soak into the wood before applying it to the window. Oiling the frames keeps the putty malleable and prevents drying too quickly. It eliminates the need to re-caulk your windows regularly.


#3. Paint the Window Frame with Putty: Thirdly, the next step is to knead the putty in a circular motion with your hand. You should do it until it warms up and becomes flexible. Furthermore, lay down some more putty to keep the glass in place once the linseed oil has saturated the window in the frame.


#4. Place the Glass Window Pane in Its Proper Position: Additionally, place the glass pane gently between the two frames in the putty. Also, make sure it’s the proper size. It should not be smaller than the area and fit within the frames. As you fix the glass, allow some putty to squeeze out over the sides. Now, place the glazier’s points into the frame, against the glass, with the chisel.


#5. Apply Putty to the Window Glass Repair: Moreover, warm the putty in your hands before applying  along the borders where the glass meets the frame. Then, smooth the putty into the crease with a putty knife inclined at 45 degrees. This will scrape the excess putty off the glass.


Allow a few days for the putty to dry before applying an oil-based primer and a coat of exterior paint. Do the same thing on the other side for glass repairs.



Glass restoration is a skill that necessitates a high level of technical knowledge. For large or many windows, hire a window glass repairs contractor. A reputable contractor can assist you in lowering expenditures and properly aligning window glass for improved insulation.




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