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10 Tips for Buying High-Quality Furniture for Low Price

10 Tips for Buying High-Quality Furniture for low price

Top Tips for Buying High-Quality Furniture for Low Price:

When I was younger I never thought about furniture, I didn’t put it into my priorities at all in fact I never had to, because I lived in my parents’ home till I became 18 even when I moved out and lived with my friend Alan both I and Alan didn’t cared too much about how the furniture should look like, or how to improve our house only when I moved out of the state, and lived alone for the first time I had to furnish my home by myself. I spent six months hunting furniture piece by piece from every store near my house and I even bought some pieces from stores 50 mile far away from my house. Today I will put all my experience in furnishing here for you, if you want to know how to buy high quality furniture with affordable prices follow my guidelines here.

Learn Everything About High Quality Furniture:

1. Legs Are The Most Important Part in The Furniture
No matter how the sofa looks great if the legs are weak you will lose your money so check the legs carefully. Avoid plastic legs because they are weak also avoid met Legs, because they can hurt your floor surface and they don’t look good as well. Basically legs should be made from heavy wood and should be jointed to the frame of the sofa not nailed or glued. If you found extra leg in the middle that is great because the extra support is always welcome.

2. You Have Know The Three Category of Furniture Wood
Solid wood: The disadvantages is it is the most expensive in these three types but it is the most beautiful furniture.
Veneers: they put high quality wood on the outer layers and a lower quality in the core thus this type is cheaper than the solid wood
Particle board or composite wood: they make this type of wood by composing wood scrap ” wood pulp” with resin and plastic it look good and smooth but unlike the solid wood it will not hold for decades.

3. Check Cabinets and Drawers
You will get annoyed every time you open or shut the drawer if it has dysfunction of some sort. so I suggest you test the drawers and cabinets by opening and shutting off multiple times to make sure they open easily and shut evenly. Also check the handles to make sure they are strong.

4. Avoid Nails and Glue
The high quality wood work never has nails or glue. All the reputable manufacturers join the ends and corners together (if you check a wood work magazine you will know what I mean). You don’t have to buy high price furniture just check for the quality of corners and your new furniture will be great no matter how cheap it is.

5. Look for Springs Inside The Core
Take off the cushions and check how sofa or chair reacts to pressing down. If they are flexible in pressing down back into place that means it have coils inside them and that is a good sign and it is well made furniture.

6. Inspect The Cushions
Firm cushions live longer but you want to make sure they have removable cover so you can wash the cover if it got any stain by accident.

7. Use Neutral Color to Make Sure You Will Love It for Long Time
If you were fascinated by the bright orange armchair in the store near you don’t rush and buy it think of that color after sometime because most people will not love bold colorful furniture for long time, because we like to change the looks from time to time. So neutral color will probably live longer for you.

How to Buy Cheap Furniture:

8. Check for Free Furniture First
Check for free furniture in Craigslist and similar sites also you can find some of the family got tired of something and are willing to give it to you.

9. Buy Second Hand But With Great Cautions
The best deals you can have is with the secondhand furniture BUT you have to check every cushion and every part for stains or rips. Also you need to test it and sit on the furniture as long as you can to check the comfort. The last thing I want to say about secondhand is it wouldn’t hurt if you smell the cushions if you found any residue of bad smell that means the piece may had an insects problem before (you have to be careful with this).

10. Choose The Right Time to Buy Furniture
Most of Furniture store offer big discount in certain times every year. The best time I found out is 4th of July and during Christmas too the prices will be the lowest in the year because stores want to get rid of their inventories.

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