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10 Secrets for Hair Extension

What Are The Best 10 advices That Can I Depend on When I Using The Hair Extension?

Remy Clip in Hair Extensions:

These are the best advices that you can depend on to have a longer hair:

1-Be patient and overcome the need to cut your hair. It is a good opportunity to explore the suitable length for your hair.

2-Try new hairstyles. Look at the celebrities’ magazines to see what’s new.

3-Buy some accessories for your hair and use it to tie your hair in desired locations, or lift your hair like a round cake or ponytail.

4-When you extend the coots, try to pull it to the back then fix it to the head’s side.

5-If your hair is thick; ask the hairstyle to use thinning scissors to be able to control your hair.

6-Long hair demands longer time for care. Make sure to wash all the shampoo and use conditioner in the right way.

7-There is no secret tablet to extend your hair, but take vitamin tablets, eat healthy food and get enough sleep.

8-Avoid hair brushes and use a wide-tooth comb for wet hair to avoid its damage.

9-If you can’t wait, visit the salon and add hair extension, but remember that it is not a constant solution and it can damage your hair over time.

10-Take photos of yourself every month while you extend your hair as it helps you take decisions later.

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