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11 Romantic Touches to Change The Décor of Your Bedroom

What are the best 11 décor ideas to create a romantic master bedroom?

11 Romantic touches to change the décor of your bedroom in the month of love at the lowest costs

It may seem a step like changing the décor of the bedroom is an expensive thing and needs a special budget, but despite all this, you can always make big changes with very simple touches on Valentine’s Day, there is no better time than this to put some romantic touches on your bedroom at the lowest costs and possibilities  “So this is the time to change your bedroom for better nights.”


Valentine’s Day bedroom décor ideas:

valentine’s day plant
You can stick a group of papers in the form of red hearts on tree branches and put them in a vase, and put them on one of the shelves in the bedroom.

Use of candles
You can add a group of candles that add romance and elegance to the bedroom, and help to renew the room.

A romantic message inside a frame
A romantic letter can be written to express the wife’s love for her husband, or put the first love letter between them within a frame and put it next to the bed or in a special place in the bedroom.

Wall of flowers
Artwork can be designed on the wall consisting of a group of flowers and placed above the bed, which adds romance and elegance to the bedroom.

Candles wrapped in lace fabric
Glass jars can be wrapped from lace fabric, and candles are placed inside them to light up the room and add a romantic feel.

Adding a tree trunk
You can add a small tree trunk with the first letter of the name of the husband and the wife written With a heart drawing on it , which is considered one of the different and romantic ideas that add elegance to the bedroom and fit the atmosphere of celebrating Valentine’s Day in February.


  • Add calming music in the bedroom and be loved by both parties.
  • Use of an aromatic scent for the atmosphere of the room or aromatic candles.
  • Put a bouquet of flowers next to the bed, use pillows in the form of hearts.
  • You can add your favorite candy to you and your partner in your bedroom, and it does not have to be colored red, but you can decorate the dish with ribbons and red glitter.
  • Use wall stickers with LED lights to decorate the house in the form of butterflies or flowers. Or use colorful LED lights in the shape of a heart or in the form of stars.
  • Putting a red satin ribbon on the bedside lamps.

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