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5 Tips to Make Your Striped Clothes Look Flawless

What are the best tips for making men's striped clothes to be more stylish for him?

What are the best tips for making men’s striped clothes to be more stylish for him?

It is the most prominent trend in men’s fashion, and one of the most common trends in the look of this season is the mixing of prints in one outfit, and it should be noted.


Here that if you want – dear man – to add more vitality to your personality, then choose striped clothes, but within certain limits: and before wearing striped clothes, you must:


1) You have to choose the direction of the print that commensurate with your stature. The vertical direction, for example, is optimal if you are short in stature or full in the body, or if your torso is short. Vertical lines add length and grace to the body. As for the horizontal lines, despite their attractiveness, they make the body fuller and the stature shorter. 

2) If you Belong to the traditional school in choosing your outfits, then the vertical thin stripes in jackets or shirts with a plain tie are the perfect choice for you, taking into account that the colors of the stripes are classic such as dark blue, bright red, golden beige, or gray in all its shades.

 3) The thin lines are the most beautiful in the elegant classic look, while the wide and medium lines add a sporty and likable look to the practical and comfortable clothes.

 4) In the case of wearing more than one striped piece together, the diversification of font sizes is taken into account, to avoid exaggeration and extravagance in the look, as  the case in choosing the designer. 

5) When wearing a striped shirt, pullover, or jacket, wear plain pants in a neutral color such as white, beige, gray, or black.

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