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Best Makeup for Women with Brown Eyes

Natural Makeup Looks For Women With Brown Eyes

The time has come to mention beautiful brown eyes that exist in several different shades, from the lighter type of color to the honey color and dark color for which you have the impression look so your eyes hid all the mysteries of the world.

Any eye color dictates certain rules, and there are first thought to the selection of makeup. It is known that some of color shades you cannot put if they do not respond to your eyes, but because brown eyes can submitted so many shades is difficult to determine which is best for them.

Dark shades of blue, gold, brown, vanilla and violet are among the best shades for brown eyes. You will not go wrong if you choose a different color, but with these you will definitely shine. For makeup is the best to use two or three types of shades and is very important to you to know that they fit to your eyes.

There are lighter and darker shades. Lighter will contribute to a more natural appearance, while dark shades to create a dramatic and mystical appearance. Do you want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look you can always play around with purple and brown tones.

It is these two shades make a compound dream, but it is necessary to be careful and don’t overdo it,, because in just a few strokes you can look like you are out of the circus, puffy and your elegance is gone with the wind!

If you want more prominent and not afraid to try something new, try to apply their eyes bright blue eyeshadow. This creative move in a special way will highlight brown eyes. Make sure that you apply it only to the eyelid, and the rest you can spice up a white pencil.


Depth “Colors Responsible for Their Makeup”

Woman with brown eyes can use all shade of eyes shadow. It is important and big factor for you to determine precisely which shade is not “your” so you will not apply that color for eyes. Are the eyes almost black or light brown? No matter how bright or dark your brown eyes, eyeliner will fit you, there was a black brown.

Avoid Very Dark Shade for Women with Brown Eyes

Dark colors can visually reduce your eyes. To avoid this, combine the light shade for the eyes with dark brown eyeliner. This will make your eyes look bigger. For a dramatic evening look on the upper eyelid, apply metallic gray shadow and drag along the bottom line of dark purple eyeliner. This combination emphasizes the beauty brown eyes.

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