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10 Steps for an Urgent Night Makeup

10 steps for an urgent night makeup


We face several special occasions that requires special preparation for it starting from skin to the makeup passing through hairstyle, but you might have to have an urgent night makeup that wasn’t planned for previously. You can follow the following simple steps to have a smoky attractive and instant makeup:

  1. Clean your eyes with a specific eye’s cleaner then wet it with a specific conditioner for eyes to protect it from makeup side effects.
  2. Add a small layer of concealer over upper eyelid to fix the makeup then add a unity of color hues. Last, add some powder over it.
  3. After you prepare the eye, add the black color over the moving eyelid only. Avoid the inner corner of your eye as possible.
  4. Start with the olive green color over the black color and try to blend it well.
  5. At the beginning of the fixed eyelid, add the light green color and fix it with the darker color in a circular motion to the beginning of the inner corner.
  6. Start adding the golden color after the light green color and blend them together to the inner corner.
  7. Add the golden color also to the bone of the eyebrows to give a lighten look on your eyes after brushing your eyebrows.
  8. Draw with the black color using a cut-edge brush a line over the lower eyelid and blend it in a circular motion to the upper outer corner of your upper eyelid.
  9. Add a line of light green shadow using the same method.
  10. Add more than a layer inside the eyed using an eyeliner then black mascara and last use a layer of olive green mascara.

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