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How to Make For Your Doll Kitchen Sink and Cabinets

DIY Doll Kitchen Sink And Cabinets - Easy Crafts for Kids

Do not spend money on additional toys for your children. Spend a few hours with your kids and do together what they need.  If your doll do not have cabinet and sink for your kitchen, we will show you trick on how to make your own with your children.

For Kitchen Sink and Cabinets We Will Used:

2 boxes of the same size

1 Small box

Foam board

Scarp book paper

Baby food container


1 piece Aluminum foil

Are You Ready to Make Kitchen Sink and Cabinets ?

Step 1;

First, we use a foam board that should cut it so that the lower part of the baby food container that can be entered into the foam board.

Step 2:

Tape the two large boxes moving the same, and then start to wrap the box with scarp book paper.

Or Now with scarp book paper you can wrap this box: “another writing style”

Step 3:

Take another scarp book paper cut it into large rectangles, and small rectangles parts, and glue into the boxes that we have previously prepared, to look like the doors for cabinets.

Step 4:

Also do the same steps with a small box that will use it like a cabin wall.

Then glue the beads on the tray to look like the handles doors.

Step 5:

On the top side of the first big boxes paste the part that we first prepared with foam board, and food container.

Start to use a piece Aluminum foil to create a faucet, and then glue on foam board, and food container, so that would get the faucet, and next to the faucet on the left, and right side glue beads to look like hand faucet.

Second Idea: DIY Doll Sink

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