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Making Brie Cheese Recipe At Home (Labneh Recipe)

Making Brie Cheese Recipe At Home (Labneh Recipe)

How to Make Labneh at Home (Strained Yogurt)

Labneh is a Mediterranean cheese and you can think of it as a type of thickened yogurt. You can eat it the way you eat any sort of cheese plain as a dip or use it in cooking (it does not coagulate at higher temperatures). I myself spread it on bread and fresh pita but can get creative with this delicious cheese. The process I am sharing with you today for the Labneh is used to create Greek yogurt that you find in stores but Labneh have a thicker consistency.

Labneh Recipe

It is popular for breakfast and dinner in the Levantine “Syria, Lebanon Jordan, and Palestine”, Iraq, Turkish, Greek. Labaneh has many names: Strained yogurt, Greek yogurt, yogurt cheese, sack yoghurt, labaneh or suzma yogurt.

White Brie Cheese Recipe At Home


  • 3 cups of plain yogurt
  • Cheesecloth (you can use a clean piece of cloth)
  • 1 teaspoon salt


  1. Combine the yogurt and the salt in a bowl and mix them well.
  2. Pour the mixture in the cheesecloth (right in the middle of the cloth).
  3. Making a pouch of the cheesecloth by bringing the sides of it together, and tie it with the yogurt inside (use a string or twist tie the pouch).
  4. You can guess that the yogurt will lose some water during the time it is hanged so put a bowl underneath it and put it with the bowl in the refrigerator for a day. I usually tie the pouch to a rack in the fridge and place the bowl below it to catch the water.
  5. After one day in the fridge the Labneh will be ready to serve.

How to Serve Labneh

  • You can serve it the Middle Eastern way “ Levantine” : spread in a bowl and make a little a pool of olive oil sprinkle Za’atar spice, or dry mint with some Walnuts.
  • You can use Labneh as an alternative to cream cheese it is lighter though.
  • As I said I spread it on sandwiches and I use it in every way I use cream cheese it even make a good cheese cake.

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