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DIY School Pencil Case

2 Ways to Make Pencil Holder

The way of making a school pencil case


Steps to make a school pencil case from the remnants of fabrics


 How to make a pencil case at home in a simple and easy way, and it will not cost you a lot of money and also will not cost you time and effort, and we will give a simple idea of ​​how to recycle the remnants of old fabrics, and use them again. Making a nice and special pencil case for children, and you can also control the required size, and also choose the colors And repair it easily if it is damaged, and the pencil case is one of the basic things that children need to maintain their tools, and avoid losing school tools as a result of not keeping them in one place, and in this article we will present to you how to make a pencil case with simple and inexpensive steps.


Required tools:

1- A sewing machine, and if it is not available, manual sewing can be used.

2- Some fixing pins.

3- A square piece of fabric and this is the inner piece.

4- A piece of plastic cloth the same size as the previous piece (if you do not have it at home, you can use any type of fabric and fold it  two-layer fold, or you can use jeans if available).

5- Two pieces of circular cloth.

6- Two pieces of the same plastic cloth, the same size as the previous two circles.

 7 – Zipper.

 8- Ordinary scissors.



1- After bringing all the previous components and making sure that the two pieces of cloth match, start with the first piece of cloth and wrap it blank, taking into account the bending of the edges inward like the shape, then sew them on the machine and fix the work with fixing pins.

2- After sewing, the two circular pieces are fixed at the edges of the first piece and sewn by machine or by hand.

3- Note when installing the two circular pieces, leave a distance of approximately 1 cm at the edges of the fabric that is being cut.

4- Start using the second piece and repeat the first step on the same piece and at the ends another piece is made on the machine for the cavity, which is 1 cm thick and sewed with the ends of the second piece

 5- We insert the first piece of fabric that has been completed inside the second piece and sew it from the inside on the lining.

6- After completing the work, the work is adjusted, the zippers are installed and fixed with sewing.

7- Now that we have the final result of the pencil case , you can try it yourself.



Make your child a pencil case “pencil holder” from vellum paper


 The way  to make a pen holder from vellum 


Second method:



vellum paper


 woolen thread



wax gun



  • Take a wide sheet of  vellum paper, and place another one on it, about a quarter of its size.
  •  Use the pen and ruler. Then start drawing on the small vellum paper longitudinal thin lines the size of the pens
  • Outline the drawn lines with a wax gun, and paste them onto the large broadcloth.
  •  Flip the large peach paper “the other side”, then stick a thin longitudinal broadcloth  in the form of a ribbon.
  •  Put the thread inside the buttons, and attach it to the tip of the thin  broadcloth.
  • Stack the pens on the other side, twist the pencil case, and tie the string with the buttons.


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