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Do You Know What Are The Benefits of The Amazing Salvia!

Do You Know What Are The Benefits of The Amazing Salvia!

Salvia has Many benefits you may have known some, but did you know that the Salvia plant is of extraordinary benefits, especially for many of the diseases we encountered in this life?

 We will now review some of the benefits of Sage Salvia as well as some damage.

The reason behind why Arab calling this plant with Mariamia tree It is an old story, to shorten it, there was a woman’s son has a high temperature, or as it’s called (fever), doctors were unable to heal him, so this woman didn’t find a way except going to Mary (Miriam), peace be upon her, may Allah respond to her, and heal her son, Mary accepted her request, and this woman saw Mary in her dream asking her to make her son drink Salvia, so the woman did what she was asked to do, and her son healed thanks to Allah, and thanks to Mary peace be upon her, and since then, plant is called with Mariamia tree relative to Mary’s name. A lot of people are interested in planting this medical plant in homes , as well as many other plants such as: – Thyme – Rosemary-Mint and other medicinal plants, so that these plants are close to human in time need, to treat a lot of diseases, that planting it does not require so many conditions for its success to keep thier fresh green leaves, it is necessary to plant it in a well-ventilated place to keep it, also water the plants often, and mix their soil with natural manure every once in a while to increase its fertility, use the proper insecticide if the plant is exposed to insect intrusion.

The benefits of Salvia is that the Salvia plant is of extraordinary benefits, for many of the diseases that come across this life, we will now review some of the benefits of this plant for people suffering from diabetes, telling them that Salvia helps a lot to lower blood sugar. Drinking a pre-menstrual soak in days is helping to get rid of her aches and pains. The teeth are treated and gums bleeding, so that a person can be able to give it to the Salvia every day. Women who suffer from infertility have to drink Salvia, as well as women who suffer from Vaginal discharge.

Treatment of dry cough, by inhalation of steam caused by boil some Salvia leaves in a little water, and inhalation of rising steam. Salvia is treated as an itching for reproductive organs (old-age diseases) by washing the area with water of Salvia. Gargle with Salvia cures gingivitis, tonsillitis, ulcers, and other infections. Cure the gingivitis: boiling a large spoonful of Salvia leaves in a liter of water, boiling on gas for 20 minutes, then clearing out and then add 3 tablespoons of honey, two spoons of vinegar, and gargle it once every hour.  The Salvia emulsion helps to cure cerebral palsy, because it helps a lot to strengthen nerves. The Salvia helps to flush the gases out of the intestine. Salvia helps to strengthen memory, the students can use it as a drink it in advance of exams, so as to strengthen their memory and retrieve their information, because it helps attention.

For all these reasons, it’s called a attention drink, since we’re talking about memory, the Salvia is very useful. Alzheimer’s, who are in the early or middle stages, so they can drink it for several months, helps to improve their situation. Salvia helps to strengthen and stimulate the immune system, to contain too many vitamins and minerals, also to help eliminate oxidation factors. People with diarrhea have to drink boiled sage, because they help get rid of diarrhea. Salvia helps to treat digestive disorders, loss of appetite, and increased stomach secretions. Some studies have shown that Salvia herb helps curb and disrupt the work of cancer cells. Salvia treat Colds and flu, as well as pectoral and asthma and allergies

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