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Egyptian Stuffed Vine Leaves Recipe

Stuffed Vine leaves recipe

Egyptian Mahshi Warak Enab Recipe

Stuffed vine leaves dish is one of the side dishes that usually being served in occasions with friends or family.

The stuffed vine leaves is prepared using grape leaves and potatoes, which is placed in the bottom of the pot. Regarding the stuffing, it is made of rice, tomatoes, onion, parsley, mint, lemon juice, oil, spices and salt.

Arab Stuffed Grape Leaves with Minced Meat and Rice Recipe

Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Servings: 8
Origin: Lebanese



1 kg. Grape leaves (vine leaves)
2 cups Egyptian rice
300 g. minced meat, with fats
1 tsp. safflower
salt and pepper
1 tsp. salt, for broth
1 tsp. lemon salt or 1 cup lemon juice


How to Make Arab Mahshi Warak Enab Recipe


  1. Arrange the grape leaves over each other and boil using hot water with some salt to get weaken and put over a strainer until the end of the quantity.
  2. Prepare the stuffing; wash the rice and sand in water then add meat, salt, safflower and pepper. Stir and leave for ½ an hour or more.
  3. Put a leaf then put over it a tsp. of the stuffing then tie its edges and roll it gently. If the leaf was small then put to leaves over each other then put the rice and roll until the end of the quantity.
  4. Arrange it in the pressure pot then put salt and lemon then cover with water. Put it over low heat after the sound of the arrow with 15 minutes then let it cool down and drain from broth. Serve hot!


2 Different Ways to Make Arab Stuffed Vine Leaves Recipe

Nutritional Facts:

Salt and pepper aren’t counted.

Servings: 8
Each serving contains:

Calories: 388
Fats (g.): 10
Saturated fats (g.): 3
Cholesterol (mg.): 27
Carbohydrates (g.): 60
Proteins (g.): 17

2 Different Ways to Make Mahashi Warak Enab

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