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Episode I – Pieces of Hell

Episode I - Goodbye to the Hell


Goodbye to the Hell

A sixty two year old man was sitting in his office and he gave some orders to his young officers. When they left his office, this old man began talking out loud to himself and said: “They want to kill me like the general.”

“Are they forgetting who I am? I am the only one in this country who can foretell: Who will live or who will die? I am the only one who will allow people to travel, marry, etc. I am the only one who can control all of these people, and no one can say NO to me and if my name was being mentioned among those people, their bodies will tremble.

After he ended up his words, suddenly he felt severe pain in his chest, and the officers took him to the nearest hospital and they called his wife.

When the doctors saw him, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They started asking each other: “Isn’t it he?”

Then they put him in the biggest room in the hospital, and his wife was sitting outside the room waiting what the doctors will say about their patient, then one of the doctors decided to go out, and he told her: “Madam, we tried to do everything we can, but we don’t think he will live longer, we think he will live for a few more hours, and then he will pass away, we’re so sorry. He added: “There are two doctors will stay next to him maybe they could help.”

Sadness didn’t appear on the wife’s face. Even the happiness features when the doctor told her the news about her husband, but there’s only one thing she said to the doctor: “My son, I was awaiting for many years, how come I cannot wait for these hours.”

Talking about the doctors who waited in his room one of them bring a chair, sat down beside his head, and another doctor bring a chair, he sat down beside his leg, they started talking about him, the doctor who sat down next to his head, he said that do you believe this man is lying in the bed waiting the death knock his door as any simple man! And the second doctor said that: do you believe we’re going to watch him when he die, it was one of my wishes in this life, and my dream has come true, and after a few hours he will go away, then both of them started laughing like crazy.

While the two doctors were talking, the room’s door was opened by the other doctor, and he asked the two doctors: “How’s our patient?” The two doctors answered: His soul still refuses to go out of his body. The doctor who opened the door replied: “Don’t say that please that maybe he will be fine because if that will happen, then our future will be in jail. So keep your mouth shut up, and if anything happened to him please let me know.

The two doctors who stayed with the sick man they felt afraid, and they started looking at him, and praying in their hearts please god take him very fast.

Finally, after midnight, the man passed away..

To be continued…

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