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Episode II Pieces of Hell

Episode II Pieces of Hell

Your Place Here

The wife asked the doctors to permit her to enter the room of her husband to say goodbye and to be alone with him.

When she entered the room, she looked at him, touched his hand. His dead body was extremely cold while lying on the bed, and she began to mutter loudly at this moment and began to say:

“Why you did not leave us before that! I was waiting, and hoping a better end. But God, let the death happen to you when you were sitting in your higher position in the office when you were giving orders to your officers, I wonder what was your last order? Are you leaving us now? What about the mess you did? Who will clean all of these?

Who will clean all this filth that you created with your men? I mean your followers? Tell me!

Even the pain of having an illness, you did not taste it. Where has the divine justice done? I cannot forget the misery that you force ​​me to live with it all these years.

I have forgotten my smile and forgotten that I am a woman. You destroyed me from inside and outside.

All the people in this country spent so many years praying and waiting to hear this news. Now this is your turn to go to the same place where many people were sent to. Are you happy with your end? Can you see that! Or not yet?

Don’t worry my dear, you’ll see it, your days have started now, say hello to the hell.

Oh, but I have forgotten to tell you that before I leave you, I am going to take something as a gift from you, I am going to take your Liver.

She opened her bag, and she took out a big sharp knife, after that she bit apart from his Liver, now you can go she said that, and then she left his room.

No one in the hospital talked to her about what she did, because everyone understands what she feels. They just clean it up and also shut their mouths.

His funeral was large and it contains a lot of important crowd such as; Men in politics, stars, and officers in the higher positions in the country. But they did not show manifestations of grief.

Some of them asked: “What we are going to do?” Or “Are we free now?” “Is there any new leader?”

Some people wish to be free, and some of them were feeling afraid about the future, or what will await them in the future!

When a sixty two year old man entered his grave, and the people start leaving his grave when he opened his eyes to find himself in a narrow pit, next to him are the dark angels, and they said: “Finally you’re here.”

And then they open a hole, and they said to him: “Look at this hole, this is your place in the hell.

When he saw his place, he starts yelling as a crazy man, and he refuses his place in the hell.

To be continued…

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