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We Did a Hell for You

Celebration on The Occasion of Death

I didn’t spend too much time of having communication with her after the divorce. My wife tried to make me change my mind, she used different ways, but none of them worked with me. She even tried to use our children, thinking that it they might have an impact on me. But I refused, because I know well that the Lord will take me soon. I want to live the rest of my life happy.
After she left the flat, my wife went to her mom to live there with our children. While the new buyer removes my wife’s furniture, he found lots of work of magic under each carpet in my apartment, and the magic was saying that: “I order you to hear and be obedient”.
The only thing my wife cares about is my flat and because of that she hired a skilled lawyer. And the new buyer travelled after cleaning the house. Before he left, he said: “I am going to stay abroad for one year, then I will be back to pay you the balance.” I agree. Actually he had bought the flat in installment basis.
The lawyer has found a loophole for her to go back to her dear flat, when the new buyer returned, and he opened a case in the court to take his flat, but the court still looking at this case, the New buyer is still waiting for justice, he spent 2 years waiting for justice, but the justice refused to come till now.
This time I passed away. My body fell down in the street like a street dog. When some people saw my dead body and look at my ID they’ve discovered who I am and where I live. So they took my body to my mom and my whole family except my wife and my children were crying. They had a big party.
Now my wife is enjoying her life with my money, my flat and my children. And as usual she is making lots of troubles to my family.
The new buyer he is still waiting for justice, I hope he’d be luckier than me..
The End

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