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I Want You ”16 “

Episode 16 of I Want You - Horror Story

Day 11:

Ms. Latin went to her house, looking all over her house for anything related to William or his friends, but she didn’t find anything.

Williams and his friends were organized people and, so it was hard for them to forget something at Rose’s mother’s house.

Ms. Latin called Mr. Aws and his wife, she told them that she had found nothing at her home.

Her daughter Rose remained trapped in her room with that evil entity that still controlled her mercilessly. Her cries were spreading all over the house throughout the day.

Rose’s mother thought of keeping the rest of her brothers away from the house to protect them, but Mr. Aws prevented her from taking that step, because the evil entity would not let rose’s brothers leave the house and might decide to control them as well as Rose did. She therefore had no choice but to live with this constant pain.

Mr. Aws said his wife Alin “So we should think about a new plan to get Williams and his friends back.”

Mrs. Alin said, “How are we going to get them home again?”

“If you want to catch something, you have to let go at first. And here we are, leaving them long enough to relax and make sure everything’s okay.

Now we have to start the second step for Williams and his friends, because the enemy that falls can stand up, and the enemy that has been satisfied has really been defeated, we know that very well, my beloved wife.

You and I will go to Williams and his friends to apologize, and tell them that we realized our mistake, and decided to forget the past. Because we discovered that hatred is going to bring more hatred, and no human can build something good above hatred, it is like building above the swamp.

The reason is that we found Lina’s personal diary when my wife was cleaning her room, and she was talking about her mistakes, and I realized that Williams and his friends didn’t mean to hurt her, they were just joking with her.

On the 13th day, we’ll ask him to visit us at our house to make sure That Williams has forgiven us and you’ll bake him the cakes he loves.

When Williams and his friends, went back home, they began to feel comfortable and their laughter shook the house as if nothing had happened.

But Williams thought a lot about Brett and he missed her, but he still didn’t have the courage to talk to her or apologize, especially that his best friend Daniel was in love with her.

Williams heard from people that Daniel and Brett were engaged and were now preparing for their marriage.

In the end, Williams decided not to talk about his feelings to Brett. He just wanted to meet Brett and Daniel to fix the problem that has happened between them in the past as well as to bless their engagement.

When Williams met Brett and Danielle in a café. He looked at Bret with caution, he noticed that she no longer had any feelings for him, she looked so happy holding her fiancé Daniel’s hand. Her face is even more beautiful and bright with Danielle than ever before.  Daniel seemed happy as well, so the three were talking about what happened at Rose’s mother’s house after Daniel and Brett left the house.  They spent several hours with each other and then returned home.


What’s going on in the little town?

Strange things started happening in the town most days of the week, and the town became empty, especially in the morning.  Everyone started entering the garden of Mr. Aws’s house and collaborating to dig a deep and large trench that could accommodate all the town’s residents.

After the trench was dug, all the birds left and disappeared from the town. The town became full of fog.  All the plants and the flowers in the town have died except those in Mr. Aws’s garden.  All the graves disappeared suddenly.

But the strangest thing that happened in this small town was finding bodies of thousands of children between the ages of four and eight floating in the sea and the more they picked those bodies, the newer bodies was appearing in the next morning. No one knows where and how all the bodies of these children appear. The police couldn’t collect any information about these children or their families.  

Whenever a journalist comes to visit this city to publish the story of the bodies of children, they find him in the next morning, killed in mysterious circumstances and in a brutal manner.

Police also investigated the deaths of the journalists, but without success.  

Because all the people were gathered in the garden of Mr. Aws’s house all the time.  Who killed all these people?  This title became in all the newspapers of the town.  Many stories and rumors were beginning to appear in this small town.


To be continued…

Written by Maha F. 

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