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Episode V Pieces Of Hell

Episode V Pieces Of Hell

Get Everything You Do Not Like

The dead man stands up bewilderingly in front of the three doors. He thought that the court in the hell is like the court in his previous life, but he starts to recognize that it’s different. His way will not be easy, and he must choose a door as soon as possible.

The choice was difficult for him. If he chooses the first gate which was said: “Each part of your body will be a witness.”

So it means the dead man cannot approve that he is not guilty, so the dead man will stay in the hell forever.

As for the second and, it means that the dead man would fall in more agony, pain, and of course he doesn’t want that!

The third gate which was said: “The witness will eat you alive”


In the end, the dead man chooses the first one, and he said to himself, maybe I could prove to the court I am not guilty!

When the dead man entered from the first gate, he found that the three gates were connecting with each other so the dead man will get the three kinds of pain, and there is no way out and no choice for him, and all what the dead man saw outside was just a ploy.

When the dead man reached  the court, he began to climb the stairs, and then the dead man saw a man with a very large hammer in his hand.

He was standing beside the court’s door, while the dead man stretched out his hand to give him a pottery, but the pottery was fallen from his hands suddenly. And a large snake with the length of at least 30 meters came out of the pottery.

When the dead man saw the snake he felt scared of what he saw, and then the snake disappeared.

A man who was holding in his hand a very large hammer looked at the dead man, and he hit him with a hammer, and the nails which covered the dead man’s body caused him more pain, because these nails were penetrating to his body, and then went out from his body again, but these nails still covered the dead man’s body.

Finally, the dead man entered the court. Everything around him was made of fire such as the chairs, tables, the cage, and the temperature inside was incredibly too hot, so he couldn’t sit down, or touch the table, and then the judges entered into a trial court.

The lawyer introduced himself to the dead man, and whispered in the dead man’s ear:“Do you think I am here to defend you? No you’re wrong, I am here to prove that you’re a guilty man”. The lawyer said.

One of the judges asked the dead man to introduce himself to all at the trial court, then  the judge asked who is working to bring the dead man’s case.

The employee brought more than Twenty-five million cases in the trial, and those case’s files were made from fire.

“You did not give a mercy to anyone in your life, so this is your turn to drink torment. You are a punk man in your life, even after your death, you can still see the people’s grievances. What have you done in your life! ”  One of the judges said.  And suddenly the snake appeared, and it bit him in his hand. The pain was terrible, therefore he began to scream.

 “The snake’s poison runs into your body for 70 years This snake will be with us at any time when it wants to bite you, it will just appear for you, so you have to used to your snake bites” One of the judges said to him that.

To be continued…


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