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Fenugreek with Milk Recipe

2 Fenugreek Drink Recipes Ideas

How to make Fenugreek with milk



2 tablespoons fenugreek
2 big cups of water
4 tablespoons of sugar, or honey
2 cups of milk



  • Bring a saucepan and put the water in it and leave it on a medium heat until it boils, then put fenugreek and cover the pot and reduce the heat and leave it for 10 minutes until the color of the water turns yellow.
  • Use another saucepan, put the milk over a medium heat and let it to boil.
  • Add the milk to fenugreek and leave it until it boils again.
  • Pour the fenugreek with milk into serving cups, and put sugar, or honey in it as desired


Fenugreek Drink Recipe:


How to Make a fenugreek drink?



1 tablespoon of ground fenugreek seeds.
1 cup of water.
2 teaspoons of honey.



1- Add the fenugreek to the water in a saucepan over a medium heat until it boils for 5 minutes.
2- Pour the drink into cups and add two tablespoons of honey or as desired.

Note: The fenugreek you can drink fenugreek cold or hot.

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