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Different Recipes for Making White Cheese at Home

3 Homemade White Cheese Recipes

DIY White Cheese at Home

White Cheese is the base which There is no house without it because cheeses are important substances that enter into human nutrition , Cheese is made from liquid milk. Cheese is one of the most popular foods that served in breakfast or dinner in most world’s countries.

How to Make White Cheese at Home

The White Cheese Ingredients:   

2 tablespoons white vinegar or lemon juice

2 kg of milk

2 tablespoons salt or as desired

Nigella “black cumin” or one green pepper as desired

Clean cloth of white gauze or strainer

Making Brie Recipe with Vinegar or Lemon at Home

The first recipe for making brie with vinegar or lemon at home:

The first recipe with vinegar: Put the milk on the fire until it starts boiling, then add vinegar, or lemon juice about a tablespoon per each kilogram of milk Then start stirring until the milk is clotted. Then let the milk stabilize and put it in a piece of white gauze cloth, or in the strainer until all the water is separated from it, and prefer to put the weight above it to get rid of all the water You can then add the nigella to the cheese and salt you prefer, or add the green pepper.

The Recipe of Making Brie with Liquid Rennet:

the second recipe by liquid rennet: Put the milk until it reaches a temperature of 35 degrees, then put the liquid rennet to it and stir the milk well. use a led to cover the milk and leave it in the kitchen for a day, then the clot, or cheese will form in its first stage get it out, and put it in a piece of white gauze cloth, or in the strainer, and leave it for two hours until all the water comes out with pressure from time to time until all the liquids is out Then, add a quantity of salt, and mix it from time to time for a full day, and then put it in a saline solution is a mixture of salt and water, then it’ll be ready to be taken.


  • Add the rennet by 2 g per 100 liters of milk.
  • You can keep the brie in the fridge for up to 10 days.
  • If you want to keep the white cheese for month use a saline solution is a mixture of salt and water.
  • If you don’t like to eat a salty cheese: take some pieces of cheese from a saline solution then soak them in a clean water for few hours, or let it in a water for one day.

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