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Grouper Fish with Vegetables Recipe

Grouper Fish with Vegetables Recipe



800g grouper fish
50g olive oil
250g onion
200g tahini
10g white spice
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. orange juice
½ tsp. bitter orange juice
25g garlic
1 coriander bunch, fresh
15g tomato juice
100g pine
30g salt
aromatic vegetables pack (carrot, onion, bay laurel and cinnamon)



1-In a bowl, add tahini and all citruses juices then add spice and salt. Mix well then add tomato juice.
2-Cut the onion and garlic into circular shapes and mince the coriander. Fry the onion with olive oil until it becomes gold then add garlic and coriander and stir the mixture.
3-Add tahini and mix well until it goes to the surface.
4-Put the fish in oven, with 180 degree Celsius, and add the aromatic vegetables and garnish with pine.


Essential fatty acids:

Essential fatty acids (Omega 3) are very important for humans because it is not generated from the body, but it only can be taken from the containing food such as fish. It is good because it helps in the development of head, nervous system, gut, eyes growth, cardiovascular and the behave of the lungs and respiratory.

Researches proved that omega 3 acids helps in reducing the risk of death for people who had heart diseases in the past. It also tells that one should consume 1g from these acids from sea sources and 2.2g from plant sources.

You need to consume 350g of truite, 70g salmon, 250g mackerel, 90g sardines, 320g tuna or 300g shrimps to get 1g or omega 3 acids.

You need to consume 2 cups of verdolaga, 35g nut, tsp. minced flaxseed or tbsp. canola oil to get 2.2g or it.

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