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How to Design The Dressing Room?

7 Tips When You Design The Dressing Room

Designing a dressing room requires a spacious area in any building, similar to the situation in villas, palaces and luxury houses. This room is the kingdom of every woman. It can be linked to the master bedroom or it can be separated. Its shape can vary in addition to its functional division.

-Use feminine colors like pint and fuchsia, but if you are sharing the room with your husband then use neutral colors like white and beige.

-Make sure to spread the lightning in a studied way and make sure to focus the light on every detail, so it would be better to fix the lightning units in the dropped ceiling where you can add crystal parts to give sense of excellency. Don’t forget to add lighting units to the closet doors and avoid using white lighting units and it is recommended to add lights that reflect natural light.

-Avoid distributing mirrors randomly and avoid also adding two mirrors in front of each other. Just add one main long mirror with garnished frame starting from the floor to a high place to show your body fully.

-Use a corner, if available, for makeup and hairstyling that contains mirror upon it that has wooden frame.

-Add chaise lounge in the middle of the room under lighting.

-Divide the closet cabinets depending on your needs. You can make it opened or covered with glass. You can use dependent cabinet where accessories cover it and you can keep shoes under it.

-Avoid spreading accessories randomly because you will lose the sense of relaxation. You can decorate the table with a pot carrying flowers.

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