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How to Draw on a T-Shirt

How to Draw on a T-Shirt


‏Renew your favorite cotton T-shirt becomes so easy these days when you using some techniques like drawing on T-shirt, or applying a T-Shirt Sticker on it. Today we’re going to talk about one of these ways which is talking about how to draw on a t-shirt.


The materials you need:

You can use Fabric markers, fabric crayons such as; Pentel fabricfun or Javana sunny.

Lefranc and Bourgeois Textill.

A Pen for drawing.

A White t-shirt or any color you prefer.

A Plastic Bag.

Painting brushes of different sizes.

A Towel for drying your brushes after you clean them.

A cup of water for cleaning your brushes after drawing.

Art Palette to mix the colors when you need.



Use your pen for drawing .

Put the Plastic Bag inside the White t-shirt, now you can use your colors.

You can use a small brush to select the drawing.

If you want you can use black and white colors to put your special touches, like lighting and shading.

Now you can use your new T-shirt.


How To Create a Graphic T-Shirt Using Fabric Paints from Hapree 12 Colors by RixCanDoit

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