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Ma’amoul with Pistachio Recipe (Pistachio Cookies Recipe)

Maamoul With Pistachio Recipe - Arab Eid Cookies

Cookies with Pistachio Nuts

Ma’amoul (Maamoul Recipe) is a kind of local cookies in the Arab region, especially in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iraq. It is usually filled with dates, or nuts like walnut, or pistachio. This dessert is one of the most important feast desserts that is homemade dessert.

Easy Pistachio Cookies

Prep. Time: 2 hours

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Servings: 30


Gluten Free Pistachio Cookies Recipe


1 kg. Soft semolina

2 cups ghee, melted

2 tbsp. sugar

1 tbsp. yeast

2 tsp. vanilla (liquid, or you can use rose water)

Pinch of salt

½ tsp. Mahlab

½ tsp. nutmeg

¼ cup warm water, for yeast

Yogurt for making dough (you can use milk instead of yogurt, but it will be better with yogurt)

Walnut, dates and pistachio for filling


How to Make Pistachio Cookies


Rub the semolina with ghee well a day before.
In the next day, add spices, and vanilla over the semolina mixture. Mix well.
In a cup, add warm water with sugar, and yeast. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes, then add it to the semolina, and mix well.
Add yogurt gradually (1, or 2 spoons each time) then knead till getting a soft, and flexible dough, but doesn’t stick in the hands.

Dates filling: Mix every 1 kg. dates paste with 4 spoons vegetable oil, or butter, and 2 tsp. ground cardamom, and form as small circles, smaller than the template. If you have used dates with inner seed, then remove the inner part, put dates over low heat with oil and cardamom, and stir until it forms. Use the same method if you have used hard dates paste.

Pistachio filling: for every 200 g. pistachio, add 2 tbsp. rose water, and 3 spoons sugar. The pistachio filling should be sweeter than walnut, because you don’t add much sugar on the surface like walnut Ma’amoul. Some people serve it without sugar, so you are the one who determines the amount of sugar.
You can cut each piece into two parts with a knife, or keep it one piece, but never grind it.

Walnut filling: For every 500 g. walnut, (you can cut with hands).

Add to the walnut one spoon rose water, 1 or 2 spoons sugar and ½ spoons cinnamon (cinnamon is optional).
Put Ma’amoul in padded trays with baking papers to the preheated oven to 450 Fahrenheit in the middle row to become golden from the bottom, then turn on the upper heat.
Leave to cool down, then maintain in padded nylon cases.


Pistachio Baking Recipes


-Don’t knead the dough too much to avoid having rubber dough.

-Don’t use an electric mixer to make the dough.

-To avoid any mistakes while kneading the dough, take ¼ quantity before kneading, and knead the 3/4, so if you would add more yogurt by mistake you can fix it with the left quarter, so you will not need to add flour.

-This Ma’amoul does not contain any flour, and this is the best way to make it.

-Leave the dough for 30 minutes after kneading to rest.

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