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DIY Sketch Glass Painting

How to Draw & Paint The Image on Glass


Glass colors “water based”
Black glass color outliner
Acetone for erasing the mistakes (nail polish remover)



1- Choose the right sketch from free sketches and download it then print.
2- Start to clean the surface of the glass before drawing by using the alcohol.
3- Put the sketch under the glass and tape it from the edges.
4- Use the black glass color outliner to trace the sketch on the outside of the glass and after finishing wait at least 2 hours for drying.
5- Remove the sketch and the tape.
6- Use your glass colors to fill in and paint the image.


Note: You can use 4 tablespoons of hot white vinegar and 4 tablespoons of hot water then mix them well. Dip the rag in the mixture to erase the mistakes when you draw on the glass.

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