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How to Paint Pottery!

Painting Pottery

DIY Painting Pottery: There are different ideas to learn painting pottery techniques, we will provide you a new idea by using hot glue, oil colors or ceramic colors, painting brushes of different sizes, art palette to mix the colors when you need, and the stencils.


The Materials we need:

A piece of pottery

A Pencil

Instead of drawing you can use the stencils, and choose what you want to draw it on your Pottery.

Hot glue

Oil colors or ceramic colors

Painting brushes of different sizes.

Art Palette to mix the colors when you need.

How To Paint Pottery!
How To Paint Pottery!

The Method:

If you don’t like the color pottery that you have you can change it by Oil colors, or ceramic colors.

When sure that the color has completely dried, after that you can use your Pencil, and your stencil for drawing.

Bring your hot glue, and then fill the hot glue inside your drawing, you will see that your drawing has become a bit of texture.

Start painting with any colors you prefer.

Second Way:

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