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DIY Unique Espadrilles Just for You

How to Make Espadrille Shoes

Espadrilles for Women

Here comes the spring, and with spring arrives and new ideas and models that you can buy, but we recommend that you create all spring models.

Mens Espadrille Shoes:

Materials for Espadrille:

Espadrilles soles, outer fabric any color you like, lining, espadrilles creative yarn, optionally lining for ironing on, glue, paper, styrofoam foot, and Scissors.

How to make an Espadrille!

Before beginning of the creation espadrille we need to weave the bottom of the soles, which can be different sizes, you need to select your size. . When knitting you have to notice that knitting is the same circles I hang you to be strong, one to another, and to have the same number of laps.

On espadrilles soles put, wrapped in paper fingers of styrofoam foot as much as we want the length of the front of the espadrille

Then we denote by dots. Paper fold into two even allocate a piece then cut by dots.

Now we will work part paging. Taking paper cutout dimensions and cut with scissors part that we need.

Do the same steps to create the back pattern piece.

We will need for this:

  • Soles: 2x
  • Outer Fabric : front piece 2, back piece 4,
  • Lining fabric : Front piece2, back piece4 .

In the next part we will need colorful material that we need to decorate and take advantage of our espadrille and we will need a setup.

And of course do not forget to use a nice colorful material, which together with lining should cut it by measures that we previously created on paper.

Take a setup that you previously cut and with the help of small needles pull the material together and set.

You need to be precise. Then take a paging part and do the same as we did earlier.

On the backside you can add rubber bands, so that no espadrilles will be able to failure of your foot.

Then you can chassis upper part of the espadrille, which we have previously prepared and connected using small needles material and setup.

To be espadrille comfortable and soft you can paste a special shoe pad for espadrilles sole.

Then sew a shoe pad material and setup.

After this, follow these steps. You need to glue to espadrilles, espadrille sole. Then leave it to dry for 10-15 min. After drying chassis with needle and thread blanket, espadrille sole and material that we created. We use a thread in a color that would have been little decorative espadrilles.

Thus crafted espadrille are not safer because they are slippery so you can fall down. For that is good and we recommend to glue tire on the bottom of them.


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