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Episode VII Pieces of Hell

Episode VII Pieces of Hell


Who Are You!

The wife said: “When I woke up to find myself in the hospital, I couldn’t stay longer there, so I went back to my house, and I felt I was so dirty inside and outside. So I took a shower, and every part of my body was shaking because of what I saw yesterday. When I entered the bath I collapsed and started crying strongly for hours, and I couldn’t stop  it by myself under the shower.

What I saw last night was terrible. The body, the man and everything about it makes me feel afraid of the future. I asked myself:  Has this nightmare finished, or not yet

After I finished my shower,I heard that my cell phone and the landline were ringing at the same time so I answered my cell phone, because it was the nearest one, but the landline was still ringing.

The caller was the same man whom I’ve met at the party. He said with a confident voice: “Hello pretty, I think that after our meeting yesterday, you cannot forget my voice! And if you think to put down the phone, you’ll find me at your house within 5 minutes, so to save my precious time, let me complete my phone call, Anyway, I will allow you to go and answer  the other call then you should  go back to me!

The wife said: I answered the other phone call and I found out that it was my husband, and he told me: “I need a couple of days to do some business transactions then after that, he will go back home.

When I finished talking with my husband, I went back to the man to complete his call, and he said to me: “The caller was your husband and he said to you that he needs a couple of days to finish his business transactions, and he said to you how much he missed you and he loves you, and when he comes back, he wants you to wear the Purple Mini Sleepwear Dress for him. I saw this dress in your closet, and I promise you that your husband will never see you again wearing that dress for him because you are mine”. Then he started laughing, then he puts down the phone.

The wife said: “This time, I’m shocked. The man told me what we are talking about in our phone call and what my husband told me. I started asking myself:  “What am I doing? Who is this man! What he wants from me!

So I decided to call my friend who did the party. And when I asked her about the man, she told me:  “You are idiots! Really? You don’t know him!?

My friend starts talking and she said that to me: Ok, Let say this man has many names, and we cannot dare to mention his real name, but you can call him “Dracula”. This is his famous name here.

The wife says to her friend: “Are you joking?”

Friend: No, I am not. That is his famous name here. Mention this name “Dracula” in front of anyone, and you’ll know I do not lie, I have to go now bye.

The wife said: “When my husband came back, I told him I met “Dracula” then he started laughing and joking.

My husband said:  “I thought that when I am away from you, you’re going to dream about me, but it’s not. You’re actually dreaming about “Dracula”! The movies start to effect in your mind.”

The wife said: “I start telling my husband what happened with me, but he never has  before about this name so we decided to ask our close friend  about the man.


To be continued…


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