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Important Interview Questions and Answers

Job interviews are never easy. They are stressful. To kill or reduce the stress is to be well prepared for the interview. Know the details of the job that you have applied for and some data of the company. Primarily, the questions will be pulled out of your C.V or relating to the information in your C.V. So go over your C.V thoroughly before you appear for the job interview. In general, you shall be asked data or information related questions which have simple factual answers. It is the tricky and tough questions that can put you in hot waters. It is very important that you are precise and concise with your answers. Do not dwell into long, lengthy and boring answers or explanations. This is a “death trap.” Let’s begin with work history.

What is your source of inspiration?

For me, it is definitely my father. I have learned so much from him, not only from his successes but from his failures too. He has made his own share of bad decisions in life, but I have learned from them and am very particular when it comes to decision making. My father has taught me to make the best use of my skills and abilities and to never give up.

What are your major three strengths?

I believe in giving extra effort, and that give effort gives me an advantage over others.

I don’t accept no for an answer very easily. I try my level best to make sure the outcome of a particular situation is in my favor.

I am a very creative thinker. I try to solve problems with new and innovative ways.

What are your three weaknesses?

I am not a very organized thinker naturally. But on paper, I have become very organized and disciplined.

I don’t panic, but if I get stressed, I would have to take a break from the task at hand, rejuvenate my energy and then start working back on it.

Sometimes, my focus is so much on getting the task done, that my workplace gets cluttered. If I clear that up, I can perform with maximum efficiency.

How do you motivate your co-workers?

I set a good example for them, by being positive. I listen to their ideas and make sure that they participate well during the projects. I try to keep relations friendly, to make the most out of my co-workers.

How do you react if your group project fails?

Instead of blaming others and getting angry, I try to think with a cool mind, get everyone on board and try to figure out where we went wrong, so next time we can improve on our weaknesses and get the tasks done.

Was your previous job up to your expectations, if not, then why did you stay with it?

Yes, I was satisfied with my job. The experience, diverse skills and knowledge that I gained at the job demanded that I move on to a bigger and better league.

How would you handle a tough situation?

Competition brings the best out of me. Any problem is no problem. Only tougher problems take a little more time.

Are you better at managing or being managed?

I love to lead from the front. I am good at putting the right person at the right job and keep them motivated to perform to their best potentials.

How well do you relate with your peers and subordinates?

I am a team player. As a captain, I know how to lead a team to success because success is an enemy to frictions and negative attitudes among fellow employees. There is strength in numbers and with a successful team, goals and targets can be easily achieved.

What motivates you?

I am a very hard working person. Job satisfaction along with compliments and appreciations keeps me going; obviously awards and rewards are big time catalyst in continuous excellent performance.

What are your future plans?

I would love to grow with the company. At the same time, I feel you cannot get successful when working for ever for somebody. You have to make others make money for you by having your own business enterprise.

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