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Meat Shawerma Recipe

Arabic Beef Shawarma Authentic Recipe

Authentic Lebanese Shawarma Recipe

Shawerma is a Middle Eastern dish coming from Levant and Anatolia. The dish consists of grilled meat, in a special way, that it is being grilled with heat radiations that the heater can be electrical, gaseous or from coal. Shawerma is being sold at fast food restaurants.

Shawerma meat is made from beef, camel or sheep meat or chicken. The meat is being placed in a metal skewer where the grilled meat is prepared in various diameter that can reach 0.5 m. The skewer is placed vertically beside heat from one side and the skewer rolls around its center, so the meat would be well done.

Beef Shawarma Recipe:

Shawerma meat is made from beef, or sheep meat or chicken, onion, white vinegar, Shawerma spices, cinnamon and nutmeg. The serving is about 250 g.


Beef Base Recipe

Meat Shawerma Ingredients:

½ kg. meat cut into small and short slices/
salt and pepper
pinch of chili powder
½ tsp. spice
¼ tsp. soft cinnamon
1 lemon juice
1 tbsp. vinegar
2 tbsp. tahini
1 medium tomato, cut into thin and small slices
1 medium bell pepper, cut into thin and small slices
2 medium onions cut into thin crescents
1 medium tomato, cut into small pieces
1 garlic clove, minced
parsley, finely cut
corn oil
Lebanese bread loafs


Beef Shawarma Sauce Recipe


  1. Shawerma Seasoning:

In a deep pot, put ½ lemon juice, 1 tbsp. vinegar, ½ tsp. salt, ¼ tsp. pepper, ½ tsp. spice, ¼ tsp. soft cinnamon, pinch of chili powder. Put the meat slices in this mixture, mix well, cover with nylon, and keep in fridge. The more you keep it in the fridge the more it will be tasty the next day.

  1. Tahini Sauce:

It is made like regular tahini sauce, but this one is more liquid with no cumin. In a pot, put 2 tbsp. tahini and some water then stir with a spoon until it becomes thin liquid then add salt and pepper in addition to ½ lemon juice and garlic clove then stir well.

  1. Cooking Shawerma:
  • Put the oil in a large pan and when the oil becomes hot, put the Shawerma meat slices and stir slightly, so you will find the meat juice coming out from it.
  • Put the crescent shaped onion, bell pepper and then cover without adding water.
  • When the meat absorbs the water, stir it in oil until it becomes well cooked.
  • Put the cut tomato over the meat and stir for a short time that is about 30 seconds only because we don’t want it to be cooked. Turn heat off.
  • After putting the tomato, put the tahini sauce and stir, so you will have the meat absorbing it rapidly. Add the onion and parsley.
  1. Shawerma Sandwiches.

Turn the bread upside down and put the Shawerma mixture over the edges, make sure to drain it from oil before adding to the sandwich. Roll the bread loaf well.

-Roll the sandwich in a white paper that is made for sandwiches and serve with pickles.

-You can use any kind of bread like bun or French loaf.


Chicken Shawarma Garlic Sauce Recipe


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