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Method to Make a Miniature Sofa for a Doll

Method to Make a Miniature Sofa for a Doll


Making a small sofa for your doll-house is quite easy. But someone finds it difficult as they don’t know the proper way to do so. Here in this article we are going to suggest a proper plan for making miniature sofa for your dollhouse. Method is very simple and with this you will get a proper idea, hence to make more type miniature sofa like this.


Material required: Leather sheet, or piece of fabric any color you prefer, a cardboard, foam, a hot glue or a strong glue, scissors, cutter, lace, two plastic circular tubes,



1) For making a miniature sofa we need a base for seating. So we have to make attractive base. Take a rectangular size of cardboard as per your requirement. Now paste foam over that, and cut the extra part so that it is exactly matched with the rectangular cardboard. Now wrap this with the leather sheet, and paste with the strong glue. Now it looks like a seat for our sofa.

2) Take another cardboard to make the back of the sofa. You could take any size, but its length should exactly match with seat mentioned in step one. Do the similar procedure mentioned in step one. Means paste foam, and wrap with leather sheet.

3) Next we have to make the sidebar for our sofa. So take the two plastic circular tubes cut them as per width of seat mentioned in step 1. And repeat same procedure mentioned in step 1, but glue one of them on the right side of the cardboard, and the second one on the left side.

4) Now arrange all the parts with the help of strong glue. Tilt back side to some extent. And paste it. Paste both the cylindrical sidebar.

5) Take four pieces of cardboard, or cartoon cuts them four rectangles, and make them as legs.

6) Now your sofa is ready. Take lace, and try to decorate it. One suggestion is from our side, keep lace on the edge of every part it looks beautiful.

Hope you understand the whole procedure about miniature sofa.

We will discuss some more crafts in the next article.


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