I Want You ”17 “

Episode 17 of I Want You - Horror Story

Day 12 :Neither Williams nor his friends were among the people in Mr. Aws' garden; they were gathered at Williams' house, Watching and marveling at all that was happening in their small town. It was in Williams' mind to visit Rose's mother and to explore what is happening there, why the

I Want You ”16 “

Episode 16 of I Want You - Horror Story

Day 11:Ms. Latin went to her house, looking all over her house for anything related to William or his friends, but she didn’t find anything.Williams and his friends were organized people and, so it was hard for them to forget something at Rose's mother's house.Ms. Latin called Mr. Aws and

I Want You ” 15 “

Episode 15 of I Want You - Horror Story

Day 10:Rose's mother, decided to talk to Mr. Aws and his wife Alin for the last time to try to convince them to forget what had happened in the past, as well as to ask them to banish the evil that controls her daughter Rose. She entered Mr. Aws's   house

I Want You ” 14 “

Episode 13 of I Want You - Horror & Ghost Story

The 9th dayMrs. Alin entered her daughter’s bedroom after the conversation she had with her husband. She turned on the cassette player and sat in the dark in a corner on the rocking chair near the window, as some street light was lighting up some parts of the room. “Haven’t you

I Want You ” 3 “

I Want You ” 3 “

Her mom felt happy because her daughter gets a boyfriend and believing that Rose should live with her age, but when she found out that Rose changes boyfriends as what does in changing her clothes, her mom didn’t like that manner.The weirder matter was that the whole boys, whom Rose