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I Want You ” 3 “

I Want You ” 3 “

Her mom felt happy because her daughter gets a boyfriend and believing that Rose should live with her age, but when she found out that Rose changes boyfriends as what does in changing her clothes, her mom didn’t like that manner.

The weirder matter was that the whole boys, whom Rose knew, had been disappeared! The policemen even came to her home and interrogated her on this case but in vain.

Also her mother recognized that Rose doesn’t care about her school just like before. Her mother received a letter from the school informing that her daughter doesn’t go to her school for a month.

At night when the daughter enters the study room, her mother can hear Rose as she talks to someone else. If someone thinks to open the door, you’ll find her standing in the middle of the room, staring in who enters the room and with her red eyes she is looking at who enters the room as an enemy. She is breathing like a predator, screaming hysterically, and then she loses her consciousness.
Rose was living a different life, she wasn’t aware of what was going on around.

Now, the mother feels worried about Rose’s health, so she decided to let the doctors see Rose. The doctors said that there’s nothing wrong with her, but after Rose came back from the hospital, she got worse. She doesn’t even sleep and eat. She had a convulsion while screaming, and while she was screaming she said a few words such as: “we are at your service” , or “The hell is waiting us”, or “we’ve committed a mistake”.

The neighbors who live on the first floor were the landlords; the old man, Aws, and his wife, Ellen. Once you get into Mrs. Ellen, you’ll find a lot of pictures of her dead daughter on the walls and on the tables. Mrs. Ellen, in any event, doesn’t stop talking about her daughter; what she was like and what she was used to do. Sometimes, Mrs. Ellen was going in the kitchen to prepare the food for her dead daughter or was going in her daughter’s room and stay there throughout the day. She wasn’t completely able to realize that her daughter is died and won’t come again!

Because the woman has rented the second and the third floor, Mrs. Ellen was always treating her and her three sons badly as if they were her enemies. Unlike, the old man, Aws, was treating them very gently. Rose’ mother was chattering with him whenever they met in the garden. He was caring a lot for the garden and the four status in it.
Mr. Aws knew about Rose’s problem and told her mother to visit Mr. Williams.
Mr. Aws said to Rose’ mother: “I heard that Mr. Williams helped a man in this neighborhood who was suffering a similar problem of your daughter. He isn’t a cleric but he prays a lot. There is just one problem, which is that man is an arrogant somewhat and doesn’t like to go out his home a lot. So, you have to beg him so much to agree on helping your daughter, Rose. He lives in the adjacent building.”
Rose’ mother: “and what if he refused!”
Mr. Aws: “There will be the last option which is to ask the cleric’s help, and in such case, I can’t promise the results.”

The other neighbors weren’t kind with Rose’ mother and her sons at all. Their actions made Rose’ mother feeling strange as they were standing for a long time in front of The walls of the stairs were full of Inscriptions, and they were keenly interested in cleaning and looking at it which aroused curiosity inside her. So, one day, she opened her house’s door and looked over the paintings and checked each part of it, but she found nothing to draw the attention or any matter of concern. Then, she got into her house, closed the door and said: “great! I have some crazy neighbors. That’s the last thing I needed!”

She asked Mr. Aws about them and why they do such things?
He answered saying: “I haven’t ever noticed these actions”
And when she tried to know more about them, he said:
“I don’t know anything about them, or even about what they do! Each of us has his own business, Madam, and also has his private matters. So, don’t care about them, and let them do whatever they want.”

While Mr. Aws was talking with Rose’ mother in the garden, Mrs. Ellen was there in the balcony looking at them, and after Rose’ mother entered her house, and closed the door, Ellen went to her husband who was pruning the plants with the garden scissors, and asked him saying: “Did you tell her about Williams?”
He stopped pruning the plants and turned his face towards his wife with an evil smile saying “yes my dear, and you will see what will happen very soon.”
She smiled too and said “Good. Finally!”

In the meantime, Rose’ mother was thinking about Mr. Williams and wondered whether to talk with him or not!
In the end, she decided to visit him in his house.
She hopes that he can help Rose, or he will pray for her daughter.

To be continued…


Written by Maha F. 

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