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Beautiful Days in Verona – Italy Travel Guide

Beautiful Days in Verona - Italy Travel Guide

Verona is located in northern Italy, Veneto region, and close to Lake Garda, is definitely a city that every tourist must visit if found in Italy. Verona its appeal thanks to its picturesque streets, beautiful squares, art … It has a lot of cultural and historical monuments, but most tourists still come to Verona to visit the home of Juliet, to see the terrace where you met with your love Romeo. Due to the importance and value of many historical buildings, Verona is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Take a deep breath, hold your breath, and do not close your eyes to the beauty of Verona:

Home of famous lovers

Juliet’s House (near Piazza delle Erbe) was built in the 13th century, and was a hotel owned by the family Capulet. By Juliet’s house is coming down the aisle, and the walls of the passage are printed love messages. Nearby is the Juliet’s statue they believe achieves wishes if the statue grasp the breast. This is one of the major tourist attractions in Verona. After Juliet’s house, you can opt to visit Romeo’s terrace which is somewhat higher than Julia.

More destinations that you should visit

Besides being known for Verona this tragic love described in the work of William Shakespeare, traveling is good to visit some of the following destinations: Piazza dei Signori, Arena di Verona, Piazza Bra,… Arena of Verona is located in the city center, and is the third largest in Italy. In addition to the arena, visit the Tower Lamberti is the largest in Italy. Near Verona, as already mentioned, there is also Lake Garda, which you should definitely visit. It is located in the small town of Sirmione, which is a small, but well-known tourist place.

Arena of Verona: is the third largest Roman amphitheater from the first century, widely known for opera performances that were performed there. Thanks to a length of 139 m, a width of 110, about 30,000 spectators at the 44 level, there you can find your place.

Verona Cathedral: dates from the 12th century, was built in the Romanesque style, restored several times, but has retained its original shape. The facade of the cathedral is divided into three parts, has a pediment and two -storey porch , which are decorated with sculptures adhere to the back of two griffins, and the area above the door is decorated with medallions symbolizing the three theological virtues : faith, hope and charity.

Square in Verona: which was once the home of the Roman Forum in the city during the Roman Empire, is the market delle Erbe. This is one of the most beautiful monuments of Verona, who in his embrace of “hiding ” the works of many authors. At the central site is the famous Madonna, Roman sculptures, the oldest monument located in this square. There is also the highest tower of Verona, Lamberti. The tower is 83 m high, has a large clock was added in 1779. There are two bells in the tower, smaller, known as Marangoni, and signaled the fire , as well as the hours during the day, and higher, which is called Rengo, and was used to call people to arms, or to invoke a larger city. Very interesting palace Made is what will certainly attract attention. The palace was built in 1668, has three floors, and has been done in the Baroque style. Top of the palace is decorated with statues of Greek gods, six deities: Hercules, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Apollo and Minerva. In front of the palace is the magnificent statue of the Lion of Saint Mark, the symbol of Venice.

The Roman Catholic Church Santa Maria Antica: what can be seen today, was built in 1185. The original church was built was destroyed in the earthquake, but was rebuilt and the original building remained only a fragment of black and white mosaic floor. In the courtyard of the church is the tomb of the family Scaligero.


When you choose to rest a little bit of sightseeing and sit down for a drink, think carefully before you sit on the terrace of a cafe, because the prices of beverages may vary up to several euro prices of beverages inside the cafe.

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