Best Makeup for Women with Brown Eyes

Natural Makeup Looks For Women With Brown Eyes

The time has come to mention beautiful brown eyes that exist in several different shades, from the lighter type of color to the honey color and dark color for which you have the impression look so your eyes hid all the mysteries of the world. Any eye color dictates certain rules,

Best Makeup Colors for Green Eyes

Makeup Colors Rules for Green Eyes with Tips and Tricks

Green eyes are mystical and to shine in its full beauty, Do not stand on them every nuance. There are those eyes with who you can not go wrong never. Brown, green, blue, gray ... They are all beautiful eye color to know dazzle you, each of which requires a certain

How to Wear Saree – 7 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing a Saree

Fast & Simple Saree Tips to Wearing

Saree, is a large fabric traditionally, women wear in India. The garment is common in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries in the world. Historically, the cloth was wear from cotton, or silk, but today it is made with artificial fibers. The Saree can be wear in different

Makeup for The Night – How to Keep Your Party Makeup All Night

Top Tricks to Keep Party Makeup in Place All Night

Makeup can make someone look beautiful, but also disastrous. Trends are changing every season, so it needs to keep up with them, but some of the rules remain the same. Night makeup should be a little stronger. You can use a darker shade, because there is not enough light that

The Groom and His Style for Summer Wedding

Top Style for The Groom in Summer Wedding

All eyes are fixed on the wedding day on the bride and groom. Groom with his style, he needs to fit the ceremony and of course, to appeal to the bride. So the central item in the preparations for the wedding of every groom - find elegant suit and complement