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Summer Cardigan Styles Make Your Looks Different

6 Tips when choosing a summer cardigan

I’m not a big fan of summer, so when it comes to clothes, I always choose comfortable, light and most importantly, easy to wear clothes. That’s why I love the summer cardigan, which is a staple in my wardrobe. The summer cardigan is an elegant piece that you can choose as casual, soiree or formal.

 It is also a magical piece, I can add it to any look to be completed immediately and to get ready.   

Are there different ideas for wearing a summer cardigan for more than one style and look this season?

 There is no doubt that chiffon is one of the summer fabrics that is present in any girl or lady’s wardrobe . It is a thin type of fabric, as we find it in many plain and patterned shapes, and it is suitable for many designs.

The chiffon cardigan is considered an indispensable summer piece, whether for casual or evening and events. As you can wear the chiffon cardigan in the morning over a shirt and pants or jeans and a T-shirt, and in the evening it can be a complementary piece to a plain  dress, or to classic or formal pants.

You will also find a wide and loose cardigan that resembles a kimono and another with ordinary design , with tight measurements on the arms and body. The most important thing is to choose the right shape for you and your outings.

The chiffon cardigan is also suitable as a piece for the beach. As the clothes we wear on the beach are usually comfortable and light, and this piece will be ideal, especially if you choose it with bright colors and patterns that suit the summer.

 The term short cardigan differs from one woman to another. The short cardigan may be the one whose length reaches the waist only, and sometimes   that reaches its length beyond  the waist, and sometimes it is the piece that doesn’t reach  the length of the abdomen.

In the summer, the short cardigan may give you more freedom in movement or daily walks because it is a very practical piece. You can also coordinate it in more than one way, whether with skirts or pants, and it is suitable for veiled women as well.

You can coordinate the short cardigan with summer dresses for a modern and distinctive look, whether in regular outings or beach and summer wear in general.

And with smart tricks, you can get a completely different look with the short cardigan by connecting the two ends of the cardigan from the bottom in the front, it will turn into a top from the top and you can wear a skirt or pants with it.

Personally, I love the patterned cardigan, because it is in itself a distinctive piece, I can coordinate it with more than one plain look. For example, if I have a cardigan in different colors, choose one of its colors each time to coordinate with the pants and blouse. If the cardigan consists of white, pink and black colors, I try to coordinate it once with a white top and white pants, and again with a blue top and black pants. Mixing colors is a fun process that helps you get a different style with a few pieces.

The idea of ​​wearing a cardigan with dresses is very appropriate and distinctive in the summer. For example, if the dress is plain, you can wear a patterned  cardigan, so the look becomes lively and distinctive. Even patterned dresses, sometimes you need a plain cardigan to add a different touch to the look. This style is also very suitable for veiled women, as it gives them a different look with the hijab, and is easy to wear and practical in the summer.

 The long summer cardigan is a lifesaver for many veiled women. Why? Because it is a perfect piece that any veiled woman can rely on in any look. You can wear a long cardigan with long dresses, or slightly short wide pants with a short top. You can also coordinate it with a skirt and a short blouse, you will find many, many ideas that you can implement with this distinctive piece.

Tips when choosing a summer cardigan

  1.  It is true that there are many styles of summer cardigans, but the Free Size cardigan is ideal for this season, because it gives you more freedom of movement and suits many clothes.
  2. The cardigan is a piece that you can adapt, innovate in the way you wear it, for example, once use a belt on the waist, again tie the two ends of the cardigan from the front and so on.
  3.  If you have a casual summer cardigan, you will consider it like the Joker in your closet. For example, it will be suitable for daily casual outings, and when you travel to the beach, you can use it as a cash mayo for wearing over swimsuits on the beach.
  4. Make sure you have more than one cardigan in different styles, such as sleeveless , full-sleeved, half-sleeved, patterned , and plain. You won’t feel repetitive because you’ll be wearing them all in different ways each time.
  5. Pay attention to the type of cardigan when buying, because some types of fabrics, such as viscose, may make you feel hot and uncomfortable in the summer.
  6. The soiree or evening cardigan can be a piece that you can wear in more than one form as well.

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