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Home Crafts Creative Ways of Making Mini-Baskets from Plastic Bottles

Creative Ways of Making Mini-Baskets from Plastic Bottles

Creative Ways of Making Mini-Baskets from Plastic Bottles


To make lovely mini- baskets out of our throw- away plastic bottles the material  needed is: a medium size plastic bottle, two balls of wool with colors of your choice, a pair of scissors and pliers, a wooden or clay bowl, thread, needle, four average size buttons, colored lace, glue and a toy key ring.

Step 1: Cut the plastic bottle into half, we need the base half for our mini- basket. Cut the bottle from brim towards the bottom of the bottle to make flaps of equal length and equal width all around the plastic bottle.

Step 2: Put an appropriate size wood or clay bowl inside the bottle to give shape and firmness to the cut flaps.

 Step 3: Wrap the strings of each wool ball on the base and then pass each string through alternate flaps, to give a pattern to the basket. Continue with this pattern, till we reach the brim of the bottle. Patterns can be picked as per liking.

Step 4: Apply glue on the exposed plastic edges.

Step 5: With the help of pliers bend and press the plastic to the outside with the wool covering to make the basket look neat and also give a grip to the wool border.

Step 6: Cut two equal size strips to make plastic handles.

Step 7: Stick the plastic handles on each side of the baskets.

Step 8: Now to give strength to these handles and make the look delicate and attractive, stitch all four buttons with the needle and thread on all four ends of plastic handles.

Step 9: Take the lace and cut it into two pieces of equal size to cover the plastic handles and the buttons on each end of the handles. This lace cover hides the plastic and adds a new dimension to the appearance of the basket.

Step 10: To add another cute touch to the look of the basket hang the toy ring on one side of the handle.

With very little effort and hardly any cost we have created a beautiful basket with a wool color and pattern of our choice with the things available in our home.


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