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Fashion Summer with Great Lines

Fashion Clothing Ideas Lines Style for Women

Fashion Clothing Ideas Lines Style for WomenFashion Clothing Ideas Lines Style for Women

This season’s stripe fashion is very diverse, and has a lot of ideas and creativity, but one of the highlighted designs is the designs with lines as we saw that it has spread widely at the designs of the clothes, and accessories with different colors and sizes from different designers; who present this fashion on their own way.

Every season has the fashion of stripes, especially in summer as it is linked with the sea, and the sailor’s clothes and we saw it clearly this summer at famous clothes brands.

We saw it in different colors such as classic black, white and dark-blue and some colors were bold and rich, there were also some with wide, narrow, long and short strips. You have to be careful choosing this type of fashion, because if your body is overweight then you should choose the vertical strips as it will give your body a thinner look. If you want to highlight part than another, then the horizontal stripes will be adequate. It is also very common in accessories especially for shoes, and bags that you can choose with a pair of jeans and shirt or with a summer dress.

This type of fashion is suitable for all women with different ages and tastes, so make sure to add on to your closet this summer.

Regarding the make-up for this season, you can choose pastel colors which mean bright colors. For the hair color, the blond color is the dominant color this year.

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