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Heavy Cream Recipe With 2 Cups of Milk

3 Steps to Make Heavy Cream Recipe With whole Milk and Butter

Two cups of full-fat milk
Two tbsp. of starch
Two tsp of white vinegar

Homemade Heavy Cream Recipe From 2 Cups Whole Milk

Put one cup of milk into the saucepan over the medium heat, before boiling add two tsp of white vinegar.

The milk will starts making lumps, start to collect all these white lumps and put them in the strainer and set aside.

Bring your saucepan and add the second cup of milk over the medium heat, before boiling start to add two tbsp. of starch then add the milk’s lumps, start to stir the mixture to make the starch melt well without any lumps, and you have to get heavy mixture.

Bring your electric mixer then start to mix it well to remove all the lumps.

You will get smooth heavy cream you can use it for desserts, or drinks, or different recipes.


Second Way: How to Make Cream with Powdered Milk & Flour

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