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I Want You ” 13 “

Episode 13 of I Want You - Horror & Ghost Story

The eighth day

Rose came out of the hospital, covering her head with a hoodie. She was trying to hide her face as much as possible. When she went back home with her mother and siblings, as Rose’s mother was opening the metal gate of the building, she found Williams and his friends sitting and drinking coffee in the garden. When they found Rose standing in front of them; they applauded cheerfully, and congratulated her on her recovery, but she didn’t even respond, she ducked her head to avoid any eye contact with any of them, as she was clutching her backpack suddenly her bag fell on the ground, she bent her back and extended her hand to pick the backpack but Anel’s hand reached out the backpack and his hand touched hers, Anel was shocked, because Rose’s hand was as cold as the Christmas snow, he grasped her hand but she pulled it away and rushed to her room. Anel’s face was covered with astonishment as he was glancing at Rose as she was heading for her room carelessly. Rakan poked Anel in his shoulder to stop him from staring at Rose. “Are you into Rose?” Rakan asked as Rose was entering her room.

“Of course not. I’m much older than her. But when I held her hand, they were freezing cold, as if she was a dead body. I am wondering how can she walk while her body is that cold.” Anel replied.

In the evening, Rose’s mother prepared a nice dinner for Rose, but Rose refused to eat. “I guess Rose is not fully recovered yet. She doesn’t even want to have dinner and celebrate her coming home.” Rose’s mother said to William and his friends, who were sitting around the dining table. “So, we have to wait for some days till she will be completely ok, and you and your friends, you can stay with me till then if you want to, to be honest, I feel comfortable and reassured when you are here with me.”

Williams: “Thank you for your generosity and for this a great dinner which Rose didn’t share with us unfortunately, but I am afraid to say that we can’t stay in here anymore as you know, me and my friends left our homes and work for a long time, and we should go back to them after finish this dinner.”

After dinner, Williams and his friends started collecting all their supplies and personal tools that they brought with them and then they left the house, and after their departure Rose’s mother heard the doorbell ringing and when she opened the door, she saw Mr. Aws at the door and he entered angrily.

Mr. Aws: “Couldn’t you convince Williams and his friends to stay at your home for more time, you idiot?” Mr. Aws yelled and slapped her in the face.

Rose’s mother: “I swear, I tried, but they insisted on leaving.” Rose’s mother was shaking in fear.

Meanwhile, Rose got out of her room. She looked at her mother and Mr. Aws, but she couldn’t help her mother out of this situation.

Mr. Aws held Rose’s mother’s head and brought it close to the mirror that hung on the wall. “Look at your daughter carefully.” Mr. Aws warned “If you want to save her from all this torment, you must do my orders.”

Rose’s mother looked in the hanging mirror, and she noticed a scary creature standing behind her daughter and clutching at her heart, as she was hurting.

Mr. Aws: “You can see that horrible creature only in the mirror, look at what is happening to your daughter and imagine what would happen if it appeared to you, and how I wish it appears to you, maybe these beautiful eyes of yours won’t be able to see again, or it could even be worse!” Mr. Aws said.

Rose’s mother hugged her daughter, and she replied, “I promise you; I will do whatever you want, but please don’t hurt my daughter, or my other kids. Your daughter’s death was my fault only. My kids are not part of that, but isn’t it fair to admit that your daughter was also guilty? She tried to steal my husband from me and my kids, doesn’t that make her a guilty as well?”

Mr. Aws: “Yes, she was guilty, but you over-punished her and took her life and deprived me and her mother of seeing her forever. Have you thought about talking to her, or talking to us? No, you didn’t. You did what you did without thinking. As for now, it is our turn to take revenge on you and all those who harmed my daughter and remember that the fate of you daughter is in our hands, so you must do everything we will ask.” Mr. Aws fumed. Then he left and went to his house to find his wife Alin waiting for him and she asked if Williams and his friends will come back again or not? And he told her they left already.

Mrs. Alin said: “They must come back. There are only a few days left for the thirteenth day; I want to avenge them all.”

Mr. Aws: “When they return their homes, they will feel safety and reassurance, they will think that everything is over, and in meanwhile we will think of a trick that make them come back to Rose’s home on the thirteenth day to take revenge on them all.”

To be continued….

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