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I Want You ” 7 “

The Second Day

Next morning, Brett went for a walk in the garden and her face looked like she is tired as she didn’t sleep well because of the sadness and pain she was feeling! In the meantime, Daniel appeared with a cup of coffee to find Brett sitting under a tree, contemplating its branch and trunk, while Mr. Aws digging with the axe then planting red roses one at a time. Here, Daniel offered Brett his cup of coffee saying:

“It seems that you need it more than I do!”

She smiled and took it, saying:

“Thanks, Daniel”

Then, he sat back to back with Brett on the green grass, looking at the blue sky, and said:

” Isn’t it the time to quit dreaming and get realistic!”

Brett:                   “Why don’t you sit beside me?”

Daniel:                “I tried doing so many times before, but you were always busy”

Brett:                   “Now I am not, Daniel. What about trying again? Don’t I deserve it?”

Daniel:       “Of course you deserve more! Why don’t you sit beside me and look at the bright and the blue sky, instead of sitting in the shadow and looking at the branch?”

Brett, smiling:    “Now you want me to do what you are supposed to do, Daniel, don’t you?”

Daniel, laughing:       

“Oh, cunning, you want to be like a princess and to let me do everything”

Then, he held her hand, looking at the blue sky, and said:

“I love you, Brett”

She pulled back her hand, moved to sit next to him, looking at his eyes, and said:

“Really, Daniel? You love me? Yes, of course you are, as no man can say this easily unless he truly loves”

Then, she held his hand again, saying

“I am ready to move on with you, maybe you are my man and I don’t know!”

Daniel, holding Brett’s hand:

“I will make you the happiest woman ever!”

Then he looked at her eyes saying:

“Let’s get out of this mad house, throwing everything behind us; I mean Rose’s problem and Williams’ adventures.”

Brett:                   “Did you believe my words regarding what I saw on the stairs last night?”

Daniel:       “Of course! You know, I also had witnessed a strange story but I didn’t tell Williams. You know that he would say ‘There must be a logical explanation for all what happen. I don’t believe in Jinn, goblins or demons.'”

Brett:         “What happened with you, yesterday? Tell me.”

Daniel:       “When you all went to sleep and I was monitoring the cameras, I found Rose, suddenly, standing next to me. I started to ask her about the reason she stood there, what she wanted, and whether I could help her or not and at the same time I got a look at the camera that monitors Rose’s room to find her sleeping in her bed! I had one Rose beside me and another one in her room! Then I held the hand of Rose who was standing next to me and, at the same time, opened Rose’s Room to see who was sleeping in her bed. Suddenly, I felt her hand squeezing my hand with cruelty. When I looked at her hand, I found a black hand with long claws, and suddenly, this creature with the black hand left me and hid under Rose’s bed. I was terrified of looking under the bed because its eyes were glowing horribly. Here, I closed the door and got out of her room, heading to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee.”

Brett:         “Did you see the records? Maybe everything is shown there, Daniel.”

Daniel:       “I dared not to watch the records and what happened again in the darkness.”

Brett:         “So, let’s do this together. We may find any evidence to convince Williams and the other friends to leave that house.”

In the meantime, Williams and Rose’s mother went for a walk in the garden. Once he saw Brett

with Daniel, he couldn’t take his eyes off Brett, although he was busy talking with Rose’s mother.

He thought that Brett won’t leave him, but, actually, he felt that there is a chemistry between

her and Daniel. Then, Daniel and Brett went to watch the records and, indeed, they found

everything and asked Williams to watch what happened, but his ego made him believe that he

can solve this mystery. So, he ordered Daniel and Brett not to tell the others, but they didn’t

accept his words. While Daniel was trying to open the door to get out and tell his friends,

Williams shut the door and beat him to prevent him from doing so.

Daniel:       “I and Brett will leave this house today and you will shoulder the burden of what will happen to you all.”

While Daniel and Brett were leaving the house, they met Anel, standing next to the statues in

the garden, who noticed that Daniel is anger and so do Brett.

Anel:          “What’s up guys?”

Daniel:       “I and Brett will leave this house and won’t ever come back again.”

Then Daniel whispered him saying:

                   “Watch the records of yesterday night. You have to watch them!”

Daniel and Brett left the house, holding hands, without looking back! While Anel went to

check the records, but he found Williams crushing them beneath his feet with a very anger face.

Anel remained watching Williams’ anger face, while he was standing at the door, then he said:

                   “Why you didn’t declare your love for her?”

Here, Williams stopped crushing the records and asked him:

                   “For whom? For whom I should have to declare my love?”

Anel:          “Brett! It seems that your ego conceived you that she won’t leave you while you keep having relationships with this woman and that! You are stupid, Williams! Really stupid!”

By the morning, they all; Williams, Anel, Rakan and Adem, woke up to find themselves

sleeping in the garden without knowing what happened! So, they decided to watch the records

that shew that their bodies were flying through the air inside the house just like the wizards.

Then they flew out of the house while they were awake and their eyes were opening. Even so,

no one could remember what happened! As for Rose’s family, they were still sleeping in their rooms safely.

To be continued…


Written by Maha F. 

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