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I Want You ” 10 “

Episode 10 of I Want You


The man who was covering his face with a hoodie and red cloth, there is only one solution to solve this problem. But I am not sure if our master will accept his body or not!!!

He continued his talk: We will draw a big golden triangle on the floor, right in the same place that we’ve killed the youths. Inside the triangle, we will draw an eye. Then, we will put the naked body of the young boy above the eye. We will bring three black hens and slaughter them on the body, and cover all his body with the blood of those hens. Furthermore, we will fill up two gold wine glasses of hens’ blood, open the youth’s mouth, and make him drink one of the gold wine glasses. We should defile the body with blood from inside and outside. We will use the other gold glass for us. We should take off our clothes and be naked, sitting in a half-circular shape. We will sit behind the corpse and our backs facing the corpse, because our master hates it when we look at him, we will wipe our bodies with blood, then we will turn off all the lights. We will be sitting in darkness, can’t even see the light, people, or anyone. We should disconnect ourselves from the outside world. We should never use our mobile phones and never move from this place until we see our master giving us a sign that he forgave us for our sin. That might take a day, three days, a year, or even ten years, I will never know.

They put a video camera (ON) to film things in the dark. Later, they started following the man who was covering his face with red cloth. They applied everything he said, sitting in darkness and waiting for mercy and forgiveness from their master.

Williams and his friends haven’t found any other record to know what happened to those people after that. All they found was the youth’s dead body buried in the house’s garden with this record.

When Adam decided to inform the police using the mobile, Mr. Aws and his wife Alin showed up in front of them. Each one of them was holding a gun. Mr. Aws shot Adam’s leg and said: What were you thinking of, Williams and your friends? Do you think I will allow you and your stupid friends to inform the police and let them come and destroy my house’s garden and all the roses I’ve planted?

His wife Alin said: What a black destiny we have! Williams and his friends are always showing up trying to ruin our life, my dear. Isn’t it enough what you’ve done to our only daughter, Williams? You’ve murdered her with your friends, and now you want to destroy our beautiful garden and roses?

Anel shouted angrily: Are you insane? Isn’t that a dead body in front of you? We have to inform the police and end this situation!! I get that it’s hard for you to plant all those roses again, especially that you are old, Mr. Aws. I promise that my friends and I will help you with planting all those roses for free but don’t forget that you shot Adam’s leg, and he needs to see a doctor.

Mr. Aws: I don’t care. Alin, my dear, there is a wooden door buried beside the tree that they are standing beneath. Go and open it. All of you walk behind Alin, and whoever tries to escape, I will shot you. Come on! Move!

Mrs. Alin went to open the buried wooden door under the large tree. Then, she closed the door with a big metal lock after Williams and his friends got through.

Mrs. Alin said: I didn’t expect that one day, I will get revenge on you, Williams, and your friends by burying you alive like that. I believe Lena’s soul will finally rest.

Williams: Blast it! Screw you and your bloody tacky daughter! she dated all the men in our little town, and you and your husband know that!

Mr. Aws said: Say whatever you want about our daughter when you are under the ground. We still love and miss her so much.


Williams, Rakan, and Anel kept knocking on the wooden door, hoping that Mr. Aws or his wife would open the door, but it was a hopeless case. Adam couldn’t stand up, so he leaned his back on the wall. The place was so dark, except for the little halls between the planks which were getting the sunlight through.

Adam: It is useless to keep begging those doddering elders, I tried to call 911, but there is no signal. What about your phones?


They checked their phones but with no hope! None of them found a signal.


Williams: We cannot sleep here, either is Adam. His leg is hurt. We should find a solution to this problem.


Rakan turned on his phone’s light and said: Let’s explore this place. We might find a way out or tools to break this door with. Close your phones to save some energy until we find a solution, all of you.


When Rakan started walking, his foot hit a metal object. He directed the light on the floor to see that his foot hit a golden glass, exactly looks like the glass that the people who killed the youth drank from it. They looked at the ground and found a triangle with an eye inside of it. Above Adam’s head on the wall, there was a picture that the murderers made using the youth’s bodies. Their bodies were so dry as if it was a painting, not real human beings.



Rakan directed the light to see a long lane, so he said: Listen, one of us should stay with Adam, and the rest come with me.


Williams stayed with Adam, and the rest went with Rakan. They found three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. They searched in the kitchen, aiming to find sharp tools to break the wall but with no hope.

While Adam was sitting on the ground, he was something shining on the floor besides Williams’ feet.

He told Williams: Something is sparkling besides your foot, what is that?

Williams held it and looked at it. Then, he said: Damn! That’s the knife they were using to make holes in the youth’s bodies so that they could drink their blood until they get dry.

Williams left the knife on the floor. Rakan and the rest of them came back and said that they couldn’t find anything to break the door with.

Williams: I found this small knife on the floor. I think it is useless.

Anel took the knife and said: Better than nothing. It’s an old door. It must be easy to break!

Anel tried to break the door using this small knife while the others were looking at him. When I feel tired, any one of us to continue working until we can break the door.

The sun went down. Rakan found a small candle, so he lighted it up and turned his phone off to save some energy. Adam started to feel tired and weak, more and more. Anel was trying to break the door using the little knife. The rest of them were hitting the door and pushing it using their feet, hoping to break it, except for Adam, who slept because of the tiredness. While they were busy trying to open the door, they heard a wall breaking inside of the place, and an intense red light came out from one of the rooms. Rakan blew in the candle to not give light.

Rakan said: Stop working and hold your breath until we find what is that or what is happening.


A strong creature looks like a human, with black color and long claws in his feet and in his hands came out of the red-lighted room. That creature got closer to the picture, which was above Adam’s head, and all the young people inside of it came back alive screaming. The creature stuck his tusks and claws in one of the boys to drink all his blood while that boy was still inside the picture. Adam woke up and hit his foot with the gold glass on the floor, which made the evil creature feels him and screamed a scream that moved the whole place. All of them passed out and didn’t feel anything until the next morning. When they woke up, they found an evil mark on their hands. And a text with “I Want You” on their arms.

To be continued….


Written by Maha F. 

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