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Makeup for The Night – How to Keep Your Party Makeup All Night

Top Tricks to Keep Party Makeup in Place All Night

Makeup can make someone look beautiful, but also disastrous. Trends are changing every season, so it needs to keep up with them, but some of the rules remain the same.
Night makeup should be a little stronger. You can use a darker shade, because there is not enough light that can highlight the features and create an unnatural look. You may apply black eyeliner, or pencil to emphasize the eyes, and a lot of mascara. Chose the dark lipstick or Lip gloss, whichever you prefer. Smokey eyes look is especially good for evening makeup, because you can combine colors, and shades.
It is always best to choose a makeup in accordance with the clothing, or what you wear during the day and during the evening, because what you so you can avoid to look tacky, and gaudy. Make the right choice and will look stunning.
Imagine you’re in a club, or a night out, and that everyone is looking at you! Sometimes simply glowing “inside”, but you can shine with the help of makeup.

Sequins on The Eyes

Someone loves to experiment and to draw various things, especially when the eyes are concerned.
Mixing the shadow gets more shade, which provides a colorful variant, and I think the gleaming metallic shadow with sequins somehow always been reserved for special occasions.
Now they propose and stylists for a day and a night, not only with glamorous clothing variants, but also those with a little more casual.
The eyes can highlight, or shadow with metallic sequins, depending on the mood.
In addition to gold, silver and bronze tones , modern and green, blue , purple shades , these shadows still look better if you frame your eyes eyeliner pencil, or even a black shadow that you can shape your desired shape and in the end put some mascara.
It will emphasize your eyes.

The Power of The Smoky Look!

Request a golden rule that does not emphasize the lips and eyes at the same time.
For the reason, if you decide to effective smoky, avoid shine and lipsticks in strong and dark colors.
The best solution is gentle glow pink, or skin color – nude lip, a very popular trend.
Blondes really looks good with Smokey from the darkest shades, because the contrast is very effective, though I can experiment with warm, brown and gold tones.

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