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My baby’s Nursery

My baby’s Nursery


You are pregnant. You are expecting your baby. Relax! Prepare a list of things to do to get the baby’s nursery ready.  Start with the dimensions of room selected for the baby. You need to keep the room light. Do not stuff it. Never keep furniture or any other item in the path between the entrance to baby’s room and the baby’s crib because many a times you shall be dashing into the baby’s nursery at her first cry. Also, with baby in your arms, banging into furniture or things could be risky business. Crib should be away from windows to avoid sunlight and streetlights at night. You need to have two kinds of lights in the nursery, bright and soft. Soft light is for when you peep in the room to make sure the baby is sleeping.  

The room preferably should be painted; it’s less costly and gives a choice of colors to your liking. Colors are to be bold and colorful. You need not to be traditional. Remember, it is very important any combination of colors has to be attractive, charming and eye-soothing. Wall-paper is a strenuous job, both pasting and removing. The room should be painted atleast 8 weeks ahead of baby’s delivery time. Keep the windows regularly open to get rid of the harmful fumes and to have freshness in air.

Instead of physically shifting and re-shifting furniture and items, it’s best to play on paper. This organization and arrangement should not be taken lightly. On two occasions, it is very important to keep baby’s daily use items within your reach and in sufficient quantity; firstly, when changing baby’s diapers and secondly, when feeding. During these moments, baby is in your lap or arms, not only is your physical movement restricted but you are also mentally occupied with the baby.

Try not to have wall to wall carpeting. Rather, if possible, keep much of the room clear of carpet, rugs or any other item, to protect you from tripping or getting your feet entangled, especially with baby in your arms. Selection of furniture has to be in proportion to the size of room. This provides you extra space. A rocking or comfy chair is a must because a lot of time will be spent, sitting on that chair to feed the baby or to help in sleeping. The walls and ceiling can be partially covered with different colorful pictures. Keep the room and its surrounding neat and dry. Finally, make sure no small toys or items are within baby’s reach.

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