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Solutions for Dry Skin, and How You Look Younger with Makeup

Solutions for dry skin, and How you Look Younger with Makeup


The owners of dry skin are fortunate in that they are less prone to problems such as acne and other problems, but they are more susceptible to other problems because of that you should follow the daily skin care steps.


The problems facing dry skin:

Feeling discomfort and light itching

Easy skin irritation and his redness when exposed to certain substances

Roughness in the skin, especially in dry areas of the skin, even if the weather is cold or hot

Lack of freshness and fade skin

Appear some small wrinkles and facial special at places of expression wrinkles, signs progress rapidly


How to deal with dry skin:

Thin skin and dry skin sensitive and lost many components that nature fresh so you must deal with it gently to a greater capacity to control it avoid the evolution of the situation and follow the tips such as:

Correct faulty shower habits, try to take shorter showers (10 minutes) and use warm water not hot, and Search for types of soap that have a large proportion of natural materials, and replaced with glycerin soap or humidifier and who prefers it contains Chamomile which soothes, avoid skin friction coarse towel and replace it with a soft towel without rub, try to Use Moisturizing oils for the skin directly after bathing to ensure absorption of the body from these Moisturizing oils.

Use humidifier cream, Moisturizing oils daily and which contributes to increase moisture in the outer layer of the skin.

In many cases dry skin the Weather is main reason because of that you can use humidifier machine.

Use the humidifier mask twice a week which contains natural substances like honey or almond oil, rosewater or other available in markets under the name moisturizer mask.

Stay away from smoking

Use of sunscreens for dry skin

Stay away from makeup which containing a high percentage of alcohol or perfume

Maintain a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, wheat, nuts and a good quantity of proteins, it is also recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits, red and yellow as lemons, oranges, carrots and tomatoes, which contain a quantity of vitamin A or vitamin E which act as antioxidant therapy.

Minimize soft drinks or chocolate or French fries or drinks containing Caffeine such as tea or coffee, which reduce the proportion of water in the body.

The Sports activities to improve circulation and increase the food the hyphen to the cells of the body through the blood.

Use hand coverings to protect the hand and especially during cleaning operations and to avoid dried of impact.

Use Emery scrub gently each period to remove dead cells and revitalize skin with freshness.

Avoid coarse clothes or wool or containing irritant to skin and replace it with cotton clothing.

You can use of vitamins E, C, A ,and zinc for their impact on skin hydration and protection from harmful factors.

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