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Tips for Dressing a Baby Boy

6 Ideas for Dressing Up Your Baby Boy

How to Dress a Baby Boy

When I was pregnant with my first baby girl I and my husband decided not to know the baby’s gender and therefore I bought a big collection of gender neutral baby outfit.  But I wasn’t contained with these clothes so I decided to buy a special boy outfit and a special girl outfit. I wanted to welcome my baby with special clothes for him/her not just neutral one. At that time I didn’t had any experience with clothes shopping, because of my generous family and friends but this time when I moved around the store I noticed I didn’t like boys clothes at all in fact I said to myself I wish my baby to be a girl just because I hated boys outfit. As you know my wish was already fulfilled and I was lucky to have a girl. I loved dressing my baby girl all the skirts, leggings and dresses with their beautiful colors.

My second time I was lucky to get my boy and I was so happy but when to comes to clothes I still hated the boys clothes.  You can imagine how the baby boy sections are always boring with so few varieties in colors even prints were limited between cartoonish old man and a sports college boy. This time I had to learn how to dress my boy so he looks super cute and I succeeded and managed to build his wardrobe into a very cool collection that I actually love.

Here Are My Tips for How to Dress a Baby Boy

  • Newborns: all newborns clothes look similar and new born babies are also pretty much the same I think the new born clothes are unisex clothes. So I dressed my boy for his first month with his sister clothes, but I kept out the pinky colors of course.
  • Older Infant: From this age on it is boy’s fashion and I got to put some varieties in his wardrobe. As my boy got bigger, I discovered how he is cute in the all-in-one shorts and shirts with collar also (I liked its look and it was easy to put on and off). I also loved to put him in cotton pants with plane simple colors.
  • Young Toddler: Once he became a more toddler than a baby I started to dress him proper pants more often like jeans even when I put him in khakis it looked great. I think what makes a good appearance is to avoid any stretchy fabrics in the pants. I paired the pants with stripped or patterned shirts but have simple light colors and it looked amazing.
  • Older Toddler: generally the older he gets he looks better in the big boy clothes like plain shorts and the collared shirts

My Tips

  • I recommend you check out the girls sections from time to time for unisex clothes. I discovered that all shops put the unisex clothes in the girls section not in a separate section. I bought a plenty of plain shirts and striped leggings for my son from the girls sections and they are completely unisex.
  • All boys look amazing in sports fan outfit so put him in your favorite fan gear and it will look great

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